3 Tips to Quit Smoking This Winter

If you are a smoker, then quitting is at the top of your to-do list. However, as you may be aware, quitting smoking is nowhere near easy. Nicotine addiction is one of the hardest habits to kick, and while there are plenty of benefits when you actually do toss them in the trash this winter,  … Read more

What is the Influence of Smoking in My Kids

Unless you fell into a cave years ago or live in outer space, you have heard the news that cigarette smoking is bad for you. This is common knowledge these days. Yet millions of people still smoke tobacco. What is the influence on my kids? And why do they start smoking? When It Starts It  … Read more

Surprising Smoking Statistics and What Are the Odds?

Every time that you light up a cigarette, you are feeding an addiction. You reinforce that behavior pattern that hurts your body. It’s hard to imagine yourself as a statistic, but smokers are not the norm anymore. A recent headline from the Washington Post reads: “America’s new tobacco crisis: The rich stopped smoking, the poor  … Read more

3 Side Effects of Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Quitting isn’t easy, anyone who has tried can tell you that. Given that you’re here, you probably already know from experience just how hard it can be. It goes without saying that those of us who are ready to quit can use all the help we can get. Many people turn to Nicotine Replacement Therapy  … Read more

Challenges Smokers Face Everyday

Smokers are going to have a hard time of things due to the many unique challenges that they face. Some of the challenges that smokers face include everything from social, to work-related, choosing a place to live, and even just logistical issues like where you can actually smoke at all. Obviously, there are a huge  … Read more

4 Problems With Nicotine Replacement Therapy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention held a study that showed that 480,000 deaths are caused by smoking each year. Since this is a huge national and worldwide issue, there are several methods out there to help you quit smoking. However, some methods are better than others. One method that people use to quit  … Read more

The Harm of Tobacco on the Environment

The ugly truth about tobacco and it’s effects on your health have, thankfully, been well documented and researched. However, the ugly truth about it’s effects on the environment is only starting to gain traction. What’s going on? A recent study by the World Health Organization has outlined that smoking and the growing of tobacco has  … Read more

Quit Smoking While Watching your Weight

Quitting smoking doesn’t mean you have to gain weight. According to MedicineNet.com, even though it’s a fact that most people do tend to gain weight once they quit smoking, there are ways that you can banish the bulge for good. Continue reading further to find out how to do this. Bearing in mind that it  … Read more

6 Spotting Smoking Triggers and ways to Avoid Them

What is triggering you? What keeps bringing you back for a smoke? Miriam-Webster dictionary defines “trigger” as something that acts like a mechanical trigger in initiating a process or reaction. “Initiating a process or reaction;” this is the phrase that stands out. And it stands out because that’s what happens when many of us addicted  … Read more

What to do When You Miss the Smoke More than the Nicotine

The path to successfully quitting cigarettes is different for everyone. Some can ease themselves off with nicotine gum while others have to cold-turkey or face failure. Some hold onto their quit with white knuckles and gritted teeth while others accept that they will relapse every now and then. There are those who get it down  … Read more