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Reduce cravings and support change in your behaviour with our comprehensive 30-day Stop Smoking Program.

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We will help one million people globally to stop smoking. Currently 21,000 in, we are on a mission to empower people to take control of their smoke-free future. Our job is to make your journey as easy and pain-free as possible.

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About The Program

We have created a program that we believe is best suited to supporting you on your journey to stop smoking. It was developed in Australia with the input of behaviour change and addiction
experts. It is rated 4.5 out of 5-stars from over 500 Reviews!

QSN provides the resources for you to succeed on your personal journey. We want to put you in control – helping you to master the skills needed to control your habit.

We know that behaviour change is the only way to permanently give up smoking. And changing behaviour requires a change in mindset.

We think it’s so important that we have invested in a behaviour change expert, Dave Carroll. You will have access to his inspiring and educational podcast, and you will learn to know your triggers so that you can avoid the action of smoking.

We’ll coach you to identify and change specific behaviours personal to you.

It’s the fastest realistic way to give up smoking.

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What you get with the QSN® 30-Day Stop Smoking Program

NaturQuit® tablets

Made from plant extracts, which you suck to release the ingredients. These help to reduce the craving to smoke. Our customers tell us that it starts to work after 2 to 3 days.

Daily text messages

A message every day to help keep you motivated. Research shows that a daily motivational SMS helps to increase success rates!

Change coaching

Delivered in our 3-part video podcast series with activities to tailor the program to your exact needs at key points in your journey. Dave our Change Behaviour expert will guide you in developing your personal action plan, based on your particular context, your triggers, and your experiences.

Daily Emails

These keep you informed about the process you are going through. The information is tailored to your particular stage in the journey. You will receive insights from others who have been through the program, learn how they have felt at the same stage, and what worked for them.

Private Facebook Group

Join our private facebook community in which you can share the experience with people who are going through the same thing. Share and receive tips, guidance, and encouragement.

Chat Suppoprt

There is also 24/7 chat customer support. Ask us any questions you have about any aspect of your journey to being a non-smoker.

Does it work?

We know it does from the 21,000 and counting who stopped smoking.

Each month we publish the statistics for our product returns*. These show the number of people who return their unused Naturquit® tablets to claim their money-back guarantee. That’s what we allow you to do if you have not stopped smoking within 8 days.

No risk to you with our Money back guarantee

We are so confident about our QSN® 30-Day Stop Smoking Program that we have a money back guarantee*.

If you don’t stop smoking by Day 8 of the program, please return your unused tablets to us, for your money back.

On average, fewer than 10% of our customers return their product to claim a refund.

What Customers Are Saying

“The pills work! Some slight cravings but they quickly pass. The benefits of giving up are explosive – do it! You have nothing to lose but so much to gain!”

Mandy L.

“I found the ease to stop smoking after 40 years and the support from QSN during the initial period fantastic, would highly recommend this, thank you!”

Philip M.

“Using this program has not only rid cigarettes completely from my life but i have gained so much more self confidence and happiness.”

Georgia R.

“8 days after starting the tablets, I stopped smoking and had no cravings at all. I am still smoke free today. If you want to quit, this works!”

Bruce P.

Why it works

Besides the NaturQuit® tablets that help you, the long-term key to success is behavioural change – that’s what we create. If you’re not putting cigarettes in your mouth then you are not smoking.

  • We know you can do this.
  • We will help with craving reduction and motivation to change.
  • We’ll help you to develop the tools you need to cope during stressful times

We have developed a comprehensive program that allows you to tackle the addiction to nicotine rather than replacing it. It was put together in consultation with addiction and behaviour change experts. We crafted the program to achieve our goal of taking the strain away from smokers.

Imagine not actually wanting to smoke

That’s the reality for all of the ex-smokers who have successfully been through our program. And it’s more than 90% of those who tried.

The majority of our customers report that by day 8 of the program, they didn’t feel like smoking.

We have hundreds of 5 STAR reviews from our customers available on this website and on our Facebook pages.

When I buy cigarettes, I normally get

20 in a pack

When I buy cigarettes, they usually cost

10 per pack

On a usual day, I would smoke

20 cigarettes

If you stopped smoking today, you could save

Every Month

* Please see our Products Returns Data and Our Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions