We continue to deliver to our customers across the US, NZ, UK and Australia and other countries during the current government coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns.

As there is a lot of awareness that COVID-19 appears to be bad news for smokers, amongst many groups, due to the compromising respiratory nature of the illness, we are increasing production of Naturquit®️ so as to cope with the increased demand from people wanting to quit smoking and get on the QSN®️ Stop Smoking program.

QSN® Stop Smoking 30-Day Program

Introducing the world’s first truly integrated stop smoking program, backed with a 100% money back guarantee*.

Developed in Australia, the QSN® Stop Smoking 30-day Program rates 4.4 stars out of 5-stars from over 500 Reviews!

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I actually can’t believe I got through these 30-days as easy as I did! I would like to say thank you so much for your daily support and podcasts. I know that I will still need to be mindful of my triggers, but I have done it. Thank you once again. I highly recommend anyone to try this!

Declan D.,

Nicotine free now for 142 days after nearly 35 years. Thank you, these tablets helped overcome my fears of quitting. Cannot explain the sense of freedom of now being a non smoker 🙂 Very grateful to the friend told me about these and his success also.

Karen C.,

It works I can’t really believe it. From over 30 cigarettes a day to nothing in a week is awesome and it still seems easy to beat any triggers. Oh and saving a fortune.

Matt H.,
Why you should choose the QSN® Stop Smoking 30-day program:

Nicotine Free

A natural, nicotine-free, alternative to stopping smoking!

Daily Support Program

Daily Text Messages, Video Podcasts, Emails filled with information, education, tips and advice!

Moneyback Guarantee

Stop smoking by day 8 of the program or you can get a full refund for purchase price*.

It Works!

95%! We track our product returns and only 5% of customers return their Product for their money back!

Save Money

How much is the cost of smoking a day? a week? a month? a year? Multiple this by the number of years smoked!

Australian Developed

Naturquit® tablets are custom prepared to order, then shipped ALL over the world to people wanting to quit smoking!

Please take time to read more about the QSN® Stop Smoking 30-day Program!

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* Please see our Products Returns Data and Our Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions here!