Well-Being & Quitting Smoking: Preventing Health Damage Young Smokers

The facts about how early people start smoking here in Australia are both sobering and promising. While student smoking has dropped more than half since 1999, it still stands at about 6.7%. Even that’s likely dropped since these statistics released a few years ago. Nevertheless, any student still smoking is something everyone should try to eradicate.

As a younger person yourself, well-being & quitting smoking are going to become more noticeable than you think. Many statistics show health damage occurs sooner in students than previously thought.

The problem is that many young smokers here in Australia think they can stop only when health damage starts becoming apparent. Never go with this philosophy. Stopping as early as you can, offsets health issues that could affect you very soon.

Early Artery Damage

Did you know artery damage can occur at an earlier age if you start smoking between the ages of 15-34? Based on a ten-year study, autopsies occurred in individuals who smoked between these ages and found they had significant atherosclerosis.

More specifically, the atherosclerosis was in the aorta. This can lead to a domino effect where strokes, heart attacks, and other vascular diseases frequently occur.

The good news is even if you’re over 34, you can gradually repair this issue if you quit smoking. It’s all the more reason to stop smoking now if you’re still in your teens, 20’s or early 30s. Health repair occurs much quicker, and you’ll be able to enjoy better life quality as you head into middle age.

Shortness of Breath

Many young smokers have already started to feel short of breath while still in their teens and 20s. This can become a major burden for you if you consider yourself athletic and want to participate in school sport.

Imagine how embarrassing it becomes being unable to catch your breath after running on a field. As such, it can make you look like you’re in your 50s or 60s rather than your real age.

It’s worth noting lung repair occurs fast once you stop smoking. Tiny lung hairs called cilia start working effectively again to immediately clear mucous and other debris out of your lungs.

If you value athletics, this should become a major warning, and provide hope in being able to heal yourself before it becomes irreversible.

The Potential for Mouth Issues

Mouth cancers go up considerably, though just your general appearance can suffer due to smoking daily. Some statistics show 20% of Australians suffer from a periodontal disease in some form or another due to smoking.

At a young age, you don’t want your teeth turning yellow either when you depends on your appearance to apply for jobs. Straight out of a university, smoking could ruin your smile and give you bad breath. It could easily affect your career when how you look depends a lot on how well you do.

By stopping smoking now, you’ll start to notice one major thing: your sense of taste returning. Because smoking starts to dull your taste buds early, you’ll be able to enjoy food a lot more while repairing your smile before you start losing teeth.

Developing Eye Problems

It’s possible to start losing your eyesight early due to smoking heavily as a teen or someone in their 20s. Eventually, this can lead to macular degeneration, something 20,000 Australians now have.

In your age group, good eyesight is important, especially when playing a sport, or needing good vision in your career.

Take some time to realise all of these health risks and how fast they can start to occur the more you smoke.