The Effect Smoking has on the Value of your Property

Many might not realize what harm smoking can do beyond one’s health. Each cigarette or cigar puff is doing damage not only within, but also without. Your walls, furniture, clothes, pets; literally your entire home! This results in a scenario that you may not have considered: your property value. The more those clouds from your tobacco leave your lips, the more they may lose you money on your real-estate.

Difficult to Sell & Rent

Your market base significantly decreases if your smoking is commonplace and persistent. You might think smokers don’t mind houses that have an odor of cigarette, but many would tell you they prefer a cleaner home for guests and friends to enjoy. And obviously, non-smokers are out of the question.

If you are a renter that smokes inside, you may already know the effect smoking can have on your rental history and make it hard to find a good apartment or house in the future.

Damaged Ceilings, Walls, Floors & Personal Property

The smoke of a cigarette contains literally thousands of chemicals which cling on to the surfaces of your house’s walls, leaving stains and likely allergens. A home with carpet only exacerbates the problem. Even if you smoke outside, the scent and chemicals are carried in on your clothes. You end up with furniture, mattresses and clothes that smell like cigarettes too which ruins any re sell value.

Fire Hazard

How often do you leave a burning cigarette unattended? Sometimes you forget, but although an innocent action, the result can be severe. These still-lit cigarettes can create a fire, resulting in losing or damaging you personal property, losing your home and all the special memories inside, and potential you and your loved ones.

The Oakland Hills fire in California, in which a lit cigarette remains a suspected cause, left 10,000 homeless, destroyed nearly 4,000 dwellings and cost more than $1.5 billion.

To keep your home intact is one of the vast array of reasons to do away with smoking in your life. If you’re ready to quit now, and start your journey towards a healthier and clean life, Quit Stop Now is ready to help.