The Buddy System: Quit Smoking with A Friend

When you Smoke, chances are that you have a friend, or a family member, who smokes also. Chances are that the two (or more) of you have had conversations about quitting, about overcoming the addiction. Maybe you are ready to conquer the demon. Maybe it’s time to have that ” We really should quit” conversation again. You and a friend can help each other quit for good.

You Both Have the Support You Need

When you and your friend decide to team-up to break your nicotine addictions, you will both have the advantage of having the support of a person who honestly understands what you are going through, both physically and emotionally. You will not be alone in your struggles. You will not be alone in your success. Your quit buddy will see your accomplishments as the triumphs they truly are.

You Are Held Accountable to Someone

When you quit alone, you only answer to yourself. This may make it easy to give in to nicotine cravings. If you quit as part of a team, your choices then affect the success of the team. It may be easier to break a commitment to yourself than it is to break a commitment to someone else.

You Can Help Each Other Win

Nicotine cravings will strike. When you need to get through the next ten minutes until it passes, you have a teammate who can encourage you, or offer advice or even a distraction to get you through the tougher times. In return, you will help your quit buddy in the same way. That is true teamwork.
Friendly Competition Improves Success Rates

People are competitive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. In fact, it can be quite healthy. Competition is especially healthy when smoking cessation is the ultimate reward. This is true for both of you. Competition, or at least not wanting to be the person to cave, could be just the motivation you need for success.

You Have Someone to Celebrate the Milestones

Who better to celebrate your successes with than someone who will equally share the joy. Celebrate your first day smoke-free. Celebrate your first week. Before long, you could be celebrating the entire year, and maybe even wondering why you didn’t quit sooner. Quit smoking with a friend is a benefitial choice for both parties.

We want to be part of your quit team. We can help you, and your quit buddy breaks your nicotine dependence and get you both on a direct path to better health. At Quit Stop Now, we have helped tens of thousands of Australians quit smoking and beat their nicotine demons. Our goal is to help smokers from all over the world quit smoking.