Stories on Quitting Smoking: The Path to Financial Liberation from Cigarettes

Cigarettes do not only adversely affect health; they begin to hurt your wallet as well.

*Alan Johnson is 40 years old and the main source of financial support for his family of three. A pack of cigarettes now costs close to twenty dollars because of a recent tax hike. This may not sound like much, yet the money spent on the daily pack adds up quickly. As much as a quarter of his weekly paycheck is going toward sustaining his habit, and he just submitted an application for food stamps so that his family has enough to eat.

Quitting smoking and Finanancial Freedom

While cigarette taxes are meant to discourage consumption, one study shows how the smoker community often does not respond to the price change and, instead, takes on the financial burden. This price insensitivity is especially true for members of poor and particularly vulnerable communities.

Cigarette taxes aren’t always effective because the pressure to stop smoking is coming from the outside and the desire to break the habit has to come from within. Searching for solutions means that the desire is already there.