Smoking: The Toll It Takes on Your Family

Smoking remains the leading cause of death in Australia. It’s health effects are well known, its social stigmas well documented, its cost exorbitant.

And yet you persist

We understand how difficult it can be. The cravings, the sensation, the routine of smoking combine to make it feel almost impossible to quit. Know that it’s not. And if you need extra motivation, know that what you choose to do with your body, your health, doesn’t affect only you. Your choice to smoke can negatively affect the health of your family.

Studies show that children of tobacco users are twice as likely to become daily tobacco users themselves. Which means your children are twice as likely to suffer the same debilitating health effects that could have been prevented a generation earlier.

If that isn’t bad enough, consider the psychological toll your smoking takes on others. Lung cancer and emphysema aren’t peaceful ways to go. They are physically and mentally painful, expensive even beyond the ever-rising cost of the cigarettes that caused them, and humiliating.

Studies also show that smoking says something about you as a citizen, as smokers traditionally belong in lower socio-economic classes. They are less likely to have a higher education and more likely to live below the poverty line. The future is yours, but it is also your family’s. What you do today, right now, can make all the difference not only for you, but for your loved ones.