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Paulabear Trad reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 January 2018
4 months for me today and i feel great thx QSN, yes i still get cravings and yes you still need that bit of will power but if i can do it so can anyone and what i loved the most about this product no side effects at all
Joanne Knight reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
8 January 2018
Thankyou quit stop now, its been almost 7 months since my husband and I had our last cigarette. The program actually works and we couldn't be happier. We have recommended the program to friends and family and some of them have tried it and quit as well. Couldnt be happier or more proud of ourselves.
Timothy Hughes reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 January 2018
For years I tried different quit products from nicotine patches; inhaler and the prescribed chamois. I had no success with these products so I just continued to smoke. In 2016 I started to think obout the reasons for quitting, health and financial. A friend of mine liked the QSN post and I became curious but took some time to look at it seriously. I started the program on 1st Aug 2017, followed the instructions and smoked my last cigarette on 5th Aug and I haven't smoked one since. The QSN program really helped me during the first 30 days. After that the cravings were there but with the encouragement from QSN I got through. Now things are really good with very few cravings, just the occasional thought of having a cigarette. If anyone is ready to quit smoking I can thoroughly recommend QSN. Thankyou so much QSN. 5 months smoke free. Tim
Kristie Brennan reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
5 January 2018
This is the second time for me using this product... the first time I was smoke free for 79 days, I thought I could be one of those every now and then smokers but it was not the case I took smoking up again full time for another 6 month. I started this program again because I knew it worked last time and I would not make the same mistake as the first time. I have now been smoke free for 6 weeks and this time was much easier than the last time. I feel great , I can breath freely and my pocket is full again. Never will I light up again !!
John Patrick Brannon reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
15 December 2017
I had tried to quit smoking several times both cold turkey and vaping, none of which worked and decided to try QSN after much research and contemplation. The program was fantastic with weekly newsletter and daily insight on how and why to quit. QSN's herbal supplement was very effective in counteracting cravings. I would highly recommend this program for all who want to quit.
Litsa Erkotidis reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
11 December 2017
Never thought it will work, honestly I was worried about the money I spent for the tablets. BUT 7 weeks and no smoking 💃🏻💃🏻 Yes I think about it but for a split second only. I can breath again without gasping for air. I've been smoking for over 30years my children are proud of me and I'm saving lots and lots of money 😁. So holidays every year 🤗🤗🤗
Melaku Gebremedhin reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
11 December 2017
Tnx QSN After half of my life smoking now am smoke free fully tnx again And again QSN
Deb Winch reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
8 December 2017
4 weeks smoke free thank you. Iam still working at it tho
Oriana Miller reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
29 November 2017
My husband use to smoke 20 cigarrets a day for at least 15 years, this affect us a lot as a family, the 5th day he call me to toilet and put all his left tobacco in the toilet...I cried... 9 month so far since his last not easy of course sometimes feel like have one, but in his own words, it's ok, nothing like die for one...he had to be a little away from smokers and drinking in the begging, but now he can be in a party and even refused the "friends" always trying make him back... anxiety need be considered after quitting...he tuck some weight but now is being amazing how life change for all of the best money ever spent...
Mike N Kathy Cruto reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 November 2017
Highly recommended. Keep going and keep helping!!!
Helen Shaw reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
23 November 2017
... so I stopped smoking on the 14/9/17, thats 10 weeks ago, haven't looked back.... tried other ways to give up and gave in basically. QSN is different, sure you have to really want to give and have a purpose or reason to do it.... mine was my grand-daughter. Yes, there are cravings and moments of weakness, but they pass and they get less and less, would really recommend doing this programme, no side effects at all for me :)
Ian McAllister reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
13 November 2017
Having tried all the other programs including hypnosis and cold turkey, I thought I'd give QSN a go. Nothing to lose, and if it worked I'd save $300/ week in tobacco (5 packs @$65). I'd seen QSN numerous times on Facebook and thought it was a scam, read reviews and thought oh well, let's try it. Expensive, but if it works, just over a week's worth of smoking. Followed the instructions, gave it a good go, struggled and still do crave a smoke, but 11 weeks and not 1 puff. If you're not sure, they have the guarantee, and what have you got to lose. nothing, but everything to gain. Money for the next family holiday, health, kids proud that you gave up(mine are), and the extra senses- smell and taste- it's true, food does smell better. I would encourage anyone wanting to give up smoking to give it QSN a go. Now to stop biting my nails!
Jules Tardis reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
10 November 2017
Brilliant, still at a loss as to how it has worked for my partner and myself. We are at 6 weeks now and we chose not to discuss it ever.. It has worked liked we never smoked before... Cheers to my friends who used Quit Stop, I took this on after seeing your progress.. I have been smoking for over 40 years .. Tried all the other stuff over years, no go.. Now life is cruisey
Ed Seixas reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
31 October 2017
It's like magic, I can't believe how easy it was, after 25 or more years and 30 to 40 smokes a day wow
Virginia Kharel reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
30 October 2017
Its works people. Just do it. But remember not one puff ever, especially if ur drinking alcohol
Mell Thornton reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 October 2017
Brilliant! Thankyou xxx 29 days smoke free for me and I really cant believe how easy it has been! Here's to the rest of my smoke free life
Cindy Rodriguez reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 October 2017
I am normally quite lazy or don't bother to do reviews but I guess the only way for people to know if things work or not is by reading reviews and not just relying on company promises. I have been a smoker for 15 and failed soooo many times and I am baffled a this worked. It's like champix but without all the nasty side effects such as the horrible nausea and insomnia. I am on day 31 now and stopped on day 7. Was somewhat hard initially but I have replaced my boredom with either gym or other hobbies to distract myself. Cigarette smell now puts me off especially after some has just had one. Still have a little inkling to smoke but not enough to spark one up. So what have you got to loose. This worked for me so I'm grateful for this product.
Jenny Waller reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 October 2017
Best solution ever, I tried every thing and these really worked, 1 year no smoking
Phillipa Clark reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
25 October 2017
My partner and I have tried everything and anything to quit....finally via QSN we have done it....if you seriously want to quit I would highly recommend this program.
Alana N Declan Dowd reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
25 October 2017
I actually can't believe I got through these 30days as easy as I did! I would like to say thank you so much for your daily support and podcasts. I know that I will still need to be mindful of my triggers, but I have done it. Thank you once again. I highly recommend anyone to try this!
Glenys Moore reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
19 October 2017
30 days in and I have not had a cigarette for 26 days. So pleased that I've done it. Over the years I've tried everything on the market and nothing worked like QSN. They way I look at it is that he really cost me nothing. I would have spent more on cigarettes in 4 weeks. Thank you QSN. Not one Puff Ever.
Karen Cunningham reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
18 October 2017
Nicotine free now for 142 days after nearly 35 years. Thank you, these tablets helped overcome my fears of quitting. Could only suggest have a sugar free option without artificial sweetener. Cannot explain the sense of freedom of now being a non smoker :) Very grateful to the friend told me about these and his success also.
Ken Briffa reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 October 2017
I tried everything to quite smoking patches, nicotine chewing gum ,hypnotized, medication from the doctor you name it tried it ..and i was smoking 40 cigarettes a day at the highest strength . I tried QSN after a few days I was thinking i have waisted more money ,but on the 6th day i woke up feeling like I never ever smoked. No cravings .It was like someone waved a magic wand and all the nicotine in my body dissapeard .Its now been 1 year and 1 month an i haven't looked back. Thankyou QSN.
Trudy Goodheart reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 October 2017
I gave up so easily using this product. There was still a fair amount of will power involved, but I have tried all sorts of ways to quit and that has been by far the best. Over 8 months now smoke free!
Amanda Bradford reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
1 October 2017
Thought i would give this a go. 100% better than champix. I didnt stop on day 6 as i had couple left but the 2 i smoked tasted foul like i just lit up a stick and smoked it. Havent looked back still off the smokes. Some days get a craving like first up in morning but then i try to keep busy. Best money spent and can honestly say it really does work.
Ronald Ryan reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
24 September 2017
Its very well equipped to help people from all walks of life at different stages of there journey
Pamela Currie reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
16 September 2017
I started this programme on the 27th July which meant my last cigarette would be 1st August. I have been a very dedicated smoker since I was 15. Now almost 60. No yelling, no tears, no depression. A little bit harder since stopping the tablets but cigeratte free. I was such a committed smoker do I miss it - of course - but do I feel better -so much! But never again will I allow tobacco to control my life.
Jenn Iles reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 September 2017
Smoke free for 12 months after completing the program, highly recommend
Linda Nicholas reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 September 2017
This program works. I have been smoke free, totally, not one puff ever, for nearly 5 months now. I never thought I would be smoke free. But I have done it. Thank you QSN.
Jenny Howard reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 September 2017
So far so good -been 35days followed qsn for about a year before giving it ago the first 2weeks on tablets was alot easier than expected have had cravings still but havent gone back the smell of smoke doesnt bother me -has taken will power as well - the drinking of alot of water does help - been a smoker for 32 years and never thought l could do it as have tryed other methods -champix patches etc and this one hasnt made me have any side affects. worth it -hubby just got hes tablets today and prob start tomorrow
Tanya Branch reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
5 September 2017
Thankyou Quit Stop Now I have now been smoke free for 4 weeks. Since starting the tablets I quit on the 4th day of taking them with very little side effects just a little bit dizzy occasionally for the first couple of days. The first 3 days of not smoking was a little tough but I managed to get through them and each day got easier. I've swapped my packet of chips to a healthy salad and exercise regularly and I feel so much fitter and healthier. I hardly have any cravings and can also be around other smokers without it bothering me. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is serious about kicking the habit. Since taking up smoking when I was around 15 years old I'm now heading towards the big 50 and am so super proud of myself.
Mark Baldi reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 August 2017
Best thing ever I was smoking 50 a day I am now smoke free thank you so much have tried everything else .
Nikki Marie reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
25 August 2017
Never thought I would ever be able to stop smoking an get through those cravings now I have thank you so much for helping me become healthier, they don't staste bad an have no side effects like champix.
Cuz Muncher reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
18 August 2017
I started 10 days ago. Day 1 I had 1 cigarette in the morning before I started the tablets. I had or tried to have another 1 in the was horrible. I've not wanted 1 since and stopped from that point day 1. I've smoked for 20 years and stopped afew times cold turkey. These tablets made it 100 times easier. I've had no cravings. I've swapped coffee for peppermint tea and given up wine for the time being re triggers. But feel better already even with the flu. I recommend these tablets to anyone really wanting to finally stop! You still have to be ready to quit...the tablets just make the transition that much easier!.
Joy Roma reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
14 August 2017
As a heavy smoker off and on for 20 odd years I didn't think I could do it. I've still got a fair way to go but I know I can do it but changing my thought process and behaviour....The journey so far has been hard but getting easier. Thanks for the daily texts and emails...I highly recommend Quit Stop thing I've done. Thanks
Sam Richter reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
1 August 2017
I have tried to quit smoking every year for 8 years and only managed to go a maximum of a few months each time with several "Social smokes" during. I have been smoke free for over 4 weeks now and don't even crave one when I am drinking or socially. I highly recommend this program, Thank you so much!
Amie Clancy reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 July 2017
Thanks QSN! I can now safely start my new life as a non smoker.... I love the fact it dosen't taste bad, no effects and I truly can do this! I will my daily msg's thanks again xx
Sarah Haley reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 July 2017
Amazing, i smoked for 20 years and this made stopping really easy! Highly recommend this to anybody who wants to stop
Nella Varcoe reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
19 July 2017
I never believed I could quit smoking but with the help of QSN I have quit and have never felt better!!!
Nikki Walker reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
15 July 2017
I had been smoking for longer than I'd like to admit. I brought the tablets last December and started taking them in January. I truly didn't think they were going to work but I had stopped smoking by day 5. I am now over 6 months smoke free and so much happier... I don't miss it, I don't feel like I get any cravings, I haven't been cranky, I can still sit outside with the smokers and it doesn't bother me a bit. I have saved SOOOO much money!! For those that say its a placebo... who cares if it works for you? I am so glad that I tried QSN, and I highly recommend it to others.
Judy Wise reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 June 2017
I would just like to thank quit stop now...i had tried everything you can imagine to give up smoking and i must say i was quite skeptical in the beginning of your program.. I commenced your programme on the 1st December, 2015 and have been smoke free since.. i used to smoke a packet of 50 every day and had smoked since i was 14 years of age..Never in my wildest dreams did i think it was possible to quit as i had tried everything on the market but your program was so successful and i am truly greatful for the assistance given by your staff following up with me as well. I would definitely refer other people on to your program as i feel it has made a huge impact to my life especially with the money i have saved...i thoroughly enjoy life now and am able to afford to go to so many more places now i have savings...thank you quit stop now for saving my life...
Matt Hubbard reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
19 June 2017
It works I can't really believe it. From over 30 cigarettes a day to nothing in a week is awesome and it still seems easy to beat any triggers. Oh and saving a fortune
Narelle Rogers reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
19 June 2017
After trying to give up several times to quit smoking I decided to give this program a go. Well I started the program on 7th December 2016, after the very 1st tablet I didn't feel like a cigarette. The very next day (day 2) I was giving my cigarettes away to others that smoked. Day 3, I had 3 cigarettes all day then at 5pm I had what was to be my last cigarette, I then went off to a party and had a few drinks and were around others that were smoking. It was then that I realized I truly was ready to quit as I didn't have an urge and others smoking around me didn't bother me in the slightest. Here I am 27 & 1/2 weeks after my quit date and I'm still going strong, I'm still able to be around others that smoke and able to have a drink all without any cravings. So I guess what I'm saying is that this program has worked wonders for me, this is why I recommend it to anyone wanting to kick the habit..
Niall Greenan reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
12 June 2017
Smoked for a long time and lots of them Started this half hearted saying i would stop to keep everyone happy. Then i did stop, With the emailed sent and the guy calling to see how i was doing all this was great support 6 weeks of them and hope to stay of Thanks for your help Niall Greenan
Jessica Willmott reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
7 June 2017
I was worried this would be another product that wouldn't work but tried it anyways and thought it has a money back guarantee so what have i got to lose and now im so glad that did, i was shocked when i just didnt want a cigarette anymore and havent had one since...... thankyou QSN for helping me with my stop smoking journey and would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to quit
Linda Williamson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
3 June 2017
Fantastic program. From the fourth day I stopped smoking never felt better, richer, healthier worth every cent
Natty Batty reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
28 May 2017
I cannot recommend QSN enough, It has been by far the easiest method I have used to stop smoking! The 5 day preparation time helped and I really didn't feel like a cigarette at times and after day 5 I stopped smoking without any problems and didn't have any strong cravings. All I say is give it a go, you have nothing to lose and all to gain!
Margerita Kattou reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 May 2017
I started this program on Monday. I normally smoke around 20 per day. Monday I was to cut down by 6, that meant that I was able to smoke 14. I didn't, I only smoked 9. Tuesday I smoked only 6. Days 4 &5 I had to cut down again by 5, this allowed me to only smoke 9. I only got through 5. Today is my no smoking day. I was quite worried that I may not be able to do this, as although I only smoked roughly 20 a day there were times I chained smoked. So far so good I haven't even had a craving yet! I hope this is my time to pack it in for good. . Update..... Still not smoking.
John Bullivant reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
27 May 2017
The first half of the 30 day program is the easiest and i found that is when the tablets are most effective, the trick after that initial period is to maintain vivid clarity as to why you felt the need to quit, i found i could achieve this via a mantra, my personal one was if i have one smoke and go back in the very near future the habit will be costing $200 a week, and think about the absurdity of that, and also another mantra suggested by QSN which was "not one puff ever", i found that useful aswell. Another big tool to employ in your fight against the smokes is to limit yourself to 4 alcoholic beverages at a time, otherwise you will lose discipline, so after 40 days of not smoking and limitin my alcohol consumption I'm feeling fantastic, and it has drastically improved my outlook on life. I can't recommend this program highly enough. Oh and one other mantra was telling myself that this is the most important thing I've ever done in my life and failure is not an option. Just make it happen!!!!!
Angela Watkins reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 May 2017
59 days smoke free now. Have saved over a $1000 so far. Was easier then I anticipated. The pills worked well in the early days cut down the cravings significantly. The rest was just will power but for me, it was the first time I had any will power over smoking in more then 20 years. So yes, it worked. So far so good.
Jodi Caton McLennan reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 May 2017
I wish I had signed up when I first saw a QSN post on Facebook early last year.... On Sunday I will be 4 weeks a non-smoker, after 24 years smoking. Of course the will and the want to quit must be there, but the tablets definitely helped-and that was with a husband that continued to smoke, and probably has no intention of ever quitting. I wouldn't say it was EASY, but it was definitely EASIER. Thanks.
Noula Roufos reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
24 May 2017
Smoking a packet a day for 30 years tried everything from patches to acupuncture to stop but never helped. Quit Stop Now had me off cigarettes in 8 days and are at day 61 without a cigarette...the program is great, no withdrawals, no mood swings. I can even be around smokers and not wanting cigarette...My advice give it a go really have nothing to loose...
Robyn Harrison reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
16 May 2017
I can't say enough about this program it's amazing,it was so easy and the support was there to help if and when you needed it,just wonderful.
Norma Radley reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
5 May 2017
I have smoked for far too many years! I have given up and started again over the years.I do truly believe it is 95per cent willpower,you really have to want to give it up or nothing shall work! In saying that the tablets didn't make me feel sick at all,like champix.People in comments are saying Placebo????? So what if they are? All the better for our health! My last cig was 20th March,and yes at times you do feel like one,but it soon passes.Something that keeps me strong is that I need surgery and now can have it,also the money I now have instead of burning it up is a big incentive! I have lost my cough,i don't need my ashma products! So that is a bonus as well.Have to watch eating as it can get away from you,hence weight increase! .
Allen Woolstencroft reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
3 May 2017
Everything was great the sms messages helped as well as the emails as long as u want to quit smoking this is a great way to quit and the best way i have tried in the past i am smoke free now so awsome thank you
Jean Ogden reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
1 May 2017
I've smoked for 36 yrs a heavey smoker tried once to quit failed saw QSN and thought I had to do something I'd wake up of a morning coughing didn't think I could but hear I am a non smoker not as difficult as I thought still have cravings but then I think I've come this far so why would I have a smoke and have to start over again I didn't stop until the 8 th day of program but proud of myself I also used chomp lolly pop sticks to chew on when felt like a smoke a couple of big breaths and craving gone
Ann Mcdowell reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
26 April 2017
Never thought I could give up have tried everything after 40 years I'm now a proud non smoker and my son has given up as well
Melanie Banks reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 April 2017
Ok well I thought I would never say it but have now been smoke free for 41 days , as a heavy smoker for 40 yrs. plus I wasn't sure I really wanted to, knew it was a habit and to be honest was actually scared to give up. Had tried patches and champix ( which I would not recommend) with no success at all. Then I saw the reviews of QSN and thought well might as well give it a go. Followed the program but remembering the time to take the tablets became a bit of a challenge , so missed a few here and there, but by day 8 I realised that I had only smoked 3 cigarettes the day before so thought what the heck why even bother lighting one up, and so I didn't. Got lots of support from the team with emails and phone calls to my texts, so that was a bonus. Even more surprising I didn't once feel like murdering any family members lol. Plus only those that see me on a daily basis know I have quit haven't announced it to the majority of my friends as yet , but I suppose the cats out of the bag now if they read this. Highly recommend this to anyone that wishes to actually give them up, it seriously works. I've started putting the money I would normally spend weekly which is scary to say the least was in excess of $100 per week into a separate bank account, this years holiday is going to be a blast as this rate. Just do it , order QSN today, - they arrived quicker than I thought they would, which made me say a few choice words because it now meant I had to give it a go.
Callie Codd reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 April 2017
I would like to thank quit stop now for there fantastic program and support👍I have been smoke free since mid February, I have been a smoker for 40 year, I was someone who would have smoked in the shower if I could have. The tablets tasted fine bit like a vitamin c tablets, no side effects no nasties.they really took the edge off and calmed me down when I started to get agitated.i can highly recommend the entire program,they emailed daily and kept in contact with me, I really needed that. I'm free now! 🎉👏👌🙏
Ben Duggan reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
25 April 2017
I've tried nicabate thru to champix and nothing worked. Using QSN and following the guide I can say I stopped smoking by day 5 and haven't smoked since and that's about 5 months now.
Melissa Moballe-Neill reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
24 April 2017
Highly recommend... was a 10-15 smokes a day down to 0 on day 5!! Don't over think it!!
Paul Ryder reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
24 April 2017
Having smoked 30 odd yrs and was smoking 40+ reds prior to quitting, this has been the easiest and most natural method for me. Not exactly sure how it worked, but I wanted to, and that is the key..... The program worked amazingly well for me... Having not touched a ciggy despite some strong cravings, I've saved way more than I spent and are about 7 weeks smoke free and going strong. All smiles. Thanks QSN.
Danielle Brandon reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
23 April 2017
I was a smoker for 27 years and had had enough. Prices go up every 6 months and i wanted to be around for my kids and grandchildren. You really have to be in the mindset to want to be smoke free...i had my last smoke on the 3/11/16 (day 6) and have been smoke free since!! It really does work!!
Diana Warren reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
23 April 2017
I started this program after spending 2 days in hospital with respiratory problems..I m now 3 weeks into it and Im felling great i have been smoking for 30years around 50 per day. I tried all the other commercial gimmicks and failed this program made it easier..
Kathleen Dodd reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
18 April 2017
Cannot believe how easy this programme is. Gave up on 4/5/06 only to take it up again about 2 yrs ago. Having gone cold turkey last time this time I wanted something to take the edge off those cravings. Started tablets on 10/4/2017 last smoke on 14/4/2017 - four days so far of not smoking and doing great even with some stress triggers being pushed hard. If you've got your head in the right place to give up and wanting something to help that journey then this is definitely worth your while. I've had no side effects no mood swings. Feeling great.
Lyn Schlodder reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
17 April 2017
This quit stop now organization is great for anyone who wants to quit but finds it difficult alone. This is my second day now without smoking, so its very very early days but im determined to stay smoke free. Ive been near a chain smoker for most of my life. Id recommend this to anyone who wants to quit smoking.
Tony Sunderland reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 April 2017
I went to the doctors with a chest infection. Anibiotics cleared it but it came back after 3 weeks. Went back and saw doc again who said i needed to give up smoking. OK but i need some help. Champix was prescribed and i was told to carry on smoking and by the time i get to day 11 i would stop. sure enough day 11 came and i rolled a ciggy and only smoked half of it and stubbed it out. 17th september 2013 was my last ciggy after 30 yrs.. I have my health back and im at the gym loosing the exra weight i put on... I would recoment it to any one who is trying to give up.. Good luck
Dee Tattam reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 April 2017
Best choice my Husband and I have ever made was to try this program... and we loved our smokes.. please stop procrastinating over it and do it , we are still in shock at how it stopped us smoking, it was so much easier than any thing else we have tried, we have been smoke free since September last year, And you are never on your own, they are there for you 24/7... 10 out of 10 hands down�
Heather Mary Foreman reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
5 April 2017
The program was just what I needed to help me become a non-smoker.
Sandi Sheppard reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
4 April 2017
This program works if you really want to quit, I had tried many times and with various other programs and had always failed. Champix, Zyban, patches, gum I had tried them all. I was skeptical but I researched the company and read numerous reviews and decided to give it a go! Yes it's expensive.... but for me it was basically 2 weeks of cigarettes. Day 6, I stopped smoking, 9 weeks later I still don't smoke and never will again. I have my freedom again, no longer tied to nicotine, it's such a liberating feeling and the money saved well that's going to be the most amazing holiday in 2018. I highly recommend this program if you really want to quit, it was easy and I didn't have any adverse side effects. You have to want to quit to succeed! Just do it!
Griffin Ashby reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
1 April 2017
Yeh over the moon 30yrs smoking 25-30 a day 12th day no smokes had 2 huge craves only lasts a few minutes them boom alguds. My friends are trying it now so good luck to you all.
Peta Dawson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
20 March 2017
Been 150 days today since I had my last ciggy. These tablet and this program do work!!!
Sam Wolfsbauer reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
14 March 2017
Well my husband and I started our journey on the 26th of July 2016 using QSN tablets,we are both now non smokers. I found the emails really supportive the whole way through and the continued emails. We both feel amazing and we are never going back. We had both tried numerous ways of giving up patchs being hypnosis during etc. The QSN didn't leave me craving a cigarette. Thank you again
Daniel Wood reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
8 March 2017
Can't argue with the results, people complain about the price but really when a pack of 30 cigarettes retails for between $28-$38 it pays for itself within a few weeks
Cassi Jade Russell reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
7 March 2017
I havent smoked in 2 weeks. Incredible product. Made quitting so much easier. You do need to want to quit but I barely had a craving!! No side effects and I only had the tablets for the first week and then I stopped cause I knew I wouldnt smoke again. Love the daily emails and look forward to receiving them. They are extremely helpful and I love the tips and recipes! Cant recommend this highly enough 👏👏👏
Kerry Hill reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
25 February 2017
I have done it after 20+years smoking I have quit. It's such an awesome feeling not having to smoke. This program is amazing I am going onto my 3rd week on the program and I really can't believe how easy it has been to stop. It's never been this easy to quit before. Thank you to QSN for the support and making it so easy to give up smoking its a horrible money wasting habit xxx
Michael Fleming reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
23 February 2017
Awesome, been 6 weeks now and this time I know I'm done.. After 30 years its amazing how quickly you start to feel the benefits.. Thankyou qsn.
Scott Arnold reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
17 February 2017
Ok this is very good but you have to want to give up.. I smoked for 26 years around 28 a day in the last 5 years. I'm happy to say I don't smoke now and the feeling is great body feels amazing. I forgot to take the tablets properly but still was having at least two to three a day until I went to one a day a lot easy to remember to take. I suggest everyone set a reminder on your phone to take the tablet. Saying that the money I was spending a week I bought a brand new car and my habit pays for it!!!. Qsn sends emails everyday but that's it really and the odd message. So guys look for support through family and friends. Even get yourself a quit app that shows you how much money saved and health benefits. Now back to the tablets day 6 you stop smoking and by then you won't even want a smoke it tastes horrible like a night on the drink and a pack of smokes later that first ciggie in the morning that's what I thought they tasted like..good luck to everyone who tries this it works!!
Natalie Tolhurst reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
15 February 2017
Today is day 39 cigarette free for me!! A week ago I made myself stand next to a smoker while they smoked, just to see what would happen... nothing!! That's what happened!! I didn't grab it from her hand like I thought I would, I felt nothing!! I am totally free from the addiction I have had for more than half my life. Thank you QSN, I owe you the years I have gained with my children. 664 cigarettes not smoked and counting...
Sun Gee reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
15 February 2017
I am on day 6 and had my last cigarette on day 4, these tablets work as they made me not feel like smoking and when I did, I did not enjoy it. The hardest part is getting out of the smoking routine/habit i.e. with coffee, after meals. I actually don't enjoy smoking anymore which is the first time I've felt this way in 16 years! Thank you QSN
David Kupsch reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 February 2017
Hi All 30+ years of smoking and I didn't finish the program I haven't had a smoke since ANZAC day last year ,I would have know problem recommending QSN to anyone
Sharon Beetham reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
2 February 2017
I am now a non smoker due to this fantastic product. The support is second to none the program is worth every penny. Once a skeptic now a believer. Thank you doesnt seem enough QSN.
Lizelda Pogoy Reynolds reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
31 January 2017
Using the patches as relieves the craving,though i/you's gotta be in the right dose.atleast it something that helping for the past that with the cigarettes.
Simone Ward reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
30 January 2017
I can not recommend this program highly enough, by day 4 I had completely stopped smoking. It has been an easy journey so far and I am coming up to 4 weeks. Do not feel like a cigarette at all. I know I still have a long way to go, but I am feeling extremely confident that I will kick this habit forever.
Stephanie Fay reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
21 January 2017
I can not recommend this program highly enough... I have smoked for 13 years and got to 30 a day towards the end. I am proud to say that I am now a non smoker. It only took me 4 days to give up. No cravings. No side effects. I do however think you need to be in the right frame of mind to quit smoking; its not something that can be forced by other people around you. Thank-you also to my friend who recommended the program to me after he had completed this program. Thank-you so much for your program. :) Well worth every cent :D
Roger Debono reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
21 January 2017
I have stopped smoking after four days!!!.�
David Reid reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
15 January 2017
I hope I can ONE! Day day WHY EVER?!! Did I take these Poisonous things up AGAIN??
Mick Davson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
13 January 2017
I signed up in November 2016. I quit on Day 6 per the programme instructions. Haven't had a cigarette since 28 November 2016. So the tablets DO work. I have tried other things over the years like Zyban, Champix and patches but they didn't work. Saying that, the tablets do not just do all the work for you. One has to commit to quitting mentally first. I also took up vaping (with no nicotine) after a couple of weeks of no cigarettes. Vaping has definitely helped aswell. As for the service from QSN, I was a bit underwhelmed. I didn't received any follow-up phone calls and the daily emails were about 5 days behind my actual time-line. All in all, though, I would recommend smokers who want to quit to give this a try. It's cheaper than smoking in the long run.
Affascinante Gaetana reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 January 2017
i start smoking wen i was 16 , i use smoking 100 sigarets per day i stop 39 years ago i am 78 and i feel very goood.
Vivienne Macfarlane reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 January 2017
Just amazing I smoked at least 25 cigarettes a day Thanks to QSN after day 2 on the tabs I smoked nothing and stopped taking the tabs after day 10 That was 6 weeks ago It was the best thing I've ever done My health has improved amazingly Thankyou QSN.
Paul Whitehead reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 January 2017
Hi thought I would try this program after I have just about tried everything else and it worked for me. I stopped smoking at the end of day 5 and haven't had a smoke since. l am on day 32.Thanks QSN
Craig Draper reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
5 January 2017
I am on day 25 (smoked a pack a day for the last 35 years)and this is hands down the best quitting program .. have tried Champix and the others and even the tablets taste so good .. something in them that does the trick .. obviously will power and a non smoking app that counts the days and the amount of money one saves .. that app alone is a winner .. well done QSN you guys have nailed it.Feeling great ..lungs strong and cycling often .. PS .. tip .. drink lots and lots of water
Sarah Springett reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
31 December 2016
My husband was a packet a day for 20yrs. Now a month smoke free, thanks to this program. So proud
Kerry Bradbery reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
21 December 2016
Omg...l have been smoking for over 20 years and tried every product out there... l was very sveptical as l had just paid $600 for another program and was will power based l lasted 5 hours, yes l cried. To date this has been the most successful product with no side affects. On every other product l have never been able to stop my morning one with a coffee and at night after dinner. Yahoooo to Qsn so far l hav not smoked for 2 weeks on the last leg of the prgram. Very happy ther is hope. Highly recommend.
Rob Lawler reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 December 2016
hey people, QSN tables will work if you want em' too, yeah they worked for me, only because i wanted em' too, whatever the tablets have got in em' it does work the tables some how take the edge off, as a person gets older, there will power fades a little bit so they cant go "cold turkey", i smoked for 32 years and now i dont smoke at all but it wasnt only because of the QSN tables, there was a lot of will power but if i wanted too i could quit easerly light up a cigarette but i wont, not once in 32 years did i cough from smokin', it takes a bit of gettin' use too not smokin' but there is something i find that is really weird, i havent got any with drawell simtoms, which i find strange, i'd really like too know what's in the tablets, i reckon if you people (QSN) can invent a "quit smoking" tablet, then you can invent a canabis tablet for the relief of cronic pain, no i'm not gunna recommend QSN tablets because quitting smokin' is up too the individual
Kylie Gropler reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
3 December 2016
I am 42 years old & i have smoked regularly since i was probably about it 14 ( was 11 first time i tried). Have tried nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gum, hypnotherapy, champix etc (never did cold turkey cos knew i couldn't!) It got to the point this year that it wasn't only my health or the embarrassment of smoking but more so the massive expensive it now is! So much better things i could spend money on that creates memories!(worked out I spend about $25 - $30 a day, over $10000 a year). Today is my day 11 & I'm smoke free which I really can't believe! It still takes that you want to do it but makes it a lot easier than anything else I've tried!!!!!
Jen Insch-Urquhart reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
2 December 2016
Looked into this and thought wow $300! Thats expensive. So I sat down and did the maths. A cigarette costs .85c each, At todays price. The amount I smoked per year, and I'm hoping to live to be at least 80 now! I will have saved over $155,000.00. UM NOT SO EXPENSIVE. Day 31 smoke free after 37 years of smoking. Feeling wonderful. Yes it hasn't all been smooth sailing, a lot of willpower needed but I definately wouldn't of done it without QSN, and the thought of all that money. If you're thinking of doing this, You do the maths, and go for it.
Chris Richards reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
2 December 2016
it has been the best thing i have ever done with no side effects like the other treatments i have tried
Serene-joy Davey reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
29 November 2016
I am amazed at the ease of giving up smoking after near 40 years and many attempts at giving up, i can sit with people smoking and not want one in fact moving to ge out of he stream of smoke, I have had some stressful days in the last 10 still have not reached for a smoke, no cravings its crazy how many times i tried to give up and couldn't now its like why couldn't I because QSN really dose work.
Naki N Earl Ngaamo reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 November 2016
I have been smoke free for 5 months and 19 days now, I'm over the choking coughs so loving the change. Have been tempted to taking a puff but I cant stand the smell, it makes me sick, I now can sit amongst friends that smoke and I'm not fazed in smoking. In actual fact I'm trying to incourage them to give up and do this program, I will get through to them one day, thank you for this awesome program.
Sharon White reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
23 November 2016
OK so on day 2 & have already more than halved my daily habit� Feeling very positive & determined
Pam Lowe reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
22 November 2016
I used QSN wanted to give up for a lot of reasons health , money, alienated But I love to smoke carnt remember not smoking been doing it for 40 years So I give it ago , stoped on day seven having my last smoke and coffee I to my suprise haven't had a nother It realy hasn't been hard I still have coffee out side just don't smoke I truly believe they work easy Tried other quitting products only fought with myself , this time I feel like I'm a non smoker And don't really care Hope I help someone just try it they work I didn't think I would ever give it up
Gladys Tuhi reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
21 November 2016
This program is AWESOME!! I am one of the most sceptical people ever so I actually thought this wouldn't work at all...I only gave it a go to make my children happy..not thinking it would actually work..BUT IT DID!! I love not having to buy cigarettes anymore..I love not smelling like smoke & I love feeling a lot healthier than ever (being asthmatic & all)...its been 3 months & counting...thank you QSN!!
Ben Kean reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
14 November 2016
Best way to give up the smokes. I went 16 weeks without one and went out one night had drinks and stupid me started again. So have got back on them and they worked again 5 days after starting them i just stopped its been a week without one. No side effects for me.
Lainie Darams reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
10 November 2016
I will be the first to admit I was very skeptical about these tablets, but they worked for me. I started taking the tablets on the 26th Sept. My last smoke should've been on friday 30th but the 1st and 2nd Oct I still had a few smokes. The evening of the 2nd I told myself I had to be stronger that I could do this and I have. I have not had a smoke since. Its been just over 5 weeks now without a smoke. I didnt suffer the side effects others talk about the only issue I have is increased appetite! Small price to pay I say. I won't lie and say I havent thought about having a smoke I have but I choose not to act on those desires. I have come this far and have achieved more now with quiting than I have with any other quit smoking aid. I can't say it will work for everyone but if you really want to give up smoking you have nothing to lose.
Wayne Avery reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 November 2016
Day 50 and feeling so much better.thankyou Quit Stop Now your program has saved me. I recommend you to all who ask. No side effects what so ever. Once again thank you.
Ellen Eggers reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 November 2016
I have been smoking for 35 years and have tried everything on the market to quit but nothing ever stuck... until now. Day 18 on the QSN program and I haven't has a cigarette for 14 days. Im not saying its easy, it does take willpower, but its more effective than anything else i have tried.
Margaret Lloyd reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
6 November 2016
I cannot recommend this program highly enough, smoked 40 years (30 a day), tried every method, this is a fantastic product (no nicotine all natural), have not had a cigarette for 38 days and this happened after only four days on the program, cigarettes tasted like crap (I know it doesn't sound that long but for me it is), no cravings whatsoever.) If I can give up I know that many of you can do it too. Many thanks to QSN for such a fantastic product. PS Could you please make one for losing weight (lol)
Cameron Rebecca Bould Larke reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
4 November 2016
I smoked for 26 and in the end it was about 40 a day and have now quit and it's been about 30 days now. I kinda went by what you suggest but took nearly 2 weeks to actually stop. But I know I would be still smoking if I didn't make the call to QSN. So thank you for everything and it has been by far the best choice I have made and by far the most effective way to quit smoking. Thanks again QSN.
Tania Mcleary reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
3 November 2016
We've done it thanks to quit stop. 36 days and still going strong. My husband and I decided to give it ago as it's money back guarantee, nothing to lose. We truly didn't crave for a cigarette which helped do so much. Yes you still have to change your habits but if you really want it you can do it. Not craving was the biggest help for us. I say to anyone if you really want to give up give these guys a go.
Nate Douglass reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
2 November 2016
How do i sign up for this as i really want to quite
Kaye Stapleton reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
2 November 2016
After smoking over 50 smokes a day for 56 years. I have been a non-smoker for 7 weeks now and I feel great. If I can do it anyone can. You have to think positive and if you feel like a smoke go do something else and it passes in no time at all. Drink lots of water and orange juice the orange juice cleans out the toxins from your system. I don't get many cravings at all now. GOOD LUCK everyone. Stay strong and positive because you can do it.
Byron Campbell reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
2 November 2016
Worked good for me! Was smoking 30 16mg cigs a day, stopped completely on the 8th day (almost 2 weeks ago) Well worth the money! Didn't have cravings, was almost like I forgot to smoke as I was cutting down. Highly recommend!. thanks QSN.
Terry Rees reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
31 October 2016
It's a deadset wonder pill! I honestly thought this programme was the best advertised gimmick in the market. A gimmick it is not, it truly works, I'm 8 days into the programme and I stopped completely on the 5th day after 17 years of smoking. The best part is it's all natural, so none of those lab designed nasties like you find in champix. I found the trick is not to expect the pill to do all the work it still takes some will power but I've tried every stop smoking method with this being the only one that has worked for me. It's hard to imagine I ever smoked after only 8 days on the programme. I highly recommend this programme it should be called the miracle drug. A big thanks to qsn the next 22 days of the programme should be a breeze! It's worth every cent.
Matt Cleal reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 October 2016
12 days without a smoke now :). I cannot recommend this product enough. Absolutely amazing. Only side affect is sometimes wake up during the night. Bugger all cravings. Great product! ! Worth every cent!
Tracy Schiansky reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 October 2016
Have now been nearly 4mths of not smoking loving it thank you.
Tammy Geissmann reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
25 October 2016
This program does work along with your willpower I haven't had a smoke since I started the tablets I live with someone who smokes all my friends smoke a lot of my workmates smoke and I wanted to give in and have a smoke one night when I was drinking with friends but that's when my willpower kicked in, You have to want to quit and not just expect the tablets to stop you your mind body and spirit and back pocket must want to quit too. This program works along with your own imbedded willpower
Sally Schenau reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
13 October 2016
I haven't had a smoke for three weeks now after a minor heart attack n I smoked for 40yrs the money I've got in my purse,walking n talking is getting easier. Stick a patch on n not even any cravings.
Jill Langley reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
5 October 2016
I can not recommend this program highly enough, I have smoked for fourty years tired every method known to quit, well I can very proudly say after following the instructions that I have been smoke free for 30 days . I was sceptical every step of the journey and was waiting for it to all go pear shape ,but to my delight it just got easier and easier, I held onto a packet of smokes and yesterday I did something I never ever thought I would do ... I returned that packet to the store and got a refund words can't describe how proud I felt .trust me this product is worth its weight in gold and if I can give it up I know you can too
Jackie Curley reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
4 October 2016
Highly recommend this program, I'm 25 days smoke free and wouldn't have done it without QSN,.
Wendy Bidmead reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
3 October 2016
I was a 40 a day smoker for years am on day 21 have not smoked for 15 days and have not even wanted to this program is brilliant would recommend to anyone. Update I am now 34 days smoke free & still not the least bit interested in smoking. I have achieved this with my partner smoking beside me & smokes just laying around if I was tempted. This is the best plan to quit on. Thank you QSN & I have recommended your plan to several, 1 I know has already taken it up & is doing well.
Mandy Wilkinson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
28 September 2016
I would totally recommend giving these tablets a go. I am 25 days smoke free today and feel wonderful. The tablets are quite pleasant, made me feel a little queasy the first 3 days but that soon went away. They are not that expensive compared to cigarettes and the payment plan is convenient. I feel if I can give up the smokes anyone can. I was 25 a day for 25 years.
Tracy Jane Camm reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 September 2016
This is a fantastic product. I have smoked for 30yrs only stopping whilst pregnant and breast feeding to take up the horrid habit again. By day 2 I found I wasn't thinking about smoking so on the day 5 stop day I was ready. This is certainly the easiest time I've ever tried and I have many. If you are thinking of trying this go for it. I've already saved more in 26days than it costs. Buddy system was a bit of a let down but the emails are good. Still have times where I'd like a smoke but I know that's just the habit talking. Never going back�
Jodie Mills reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
24 September 2016
I was suss at the start but after trying so many other methods of quitting I thought got nothing to lose! Deep down I thought I'd never be able to give em up.. but these tablets really surprised me, by day 4 I literally didn't feel like one... now I'm nearly 4 weeks smoke free!!
Jennifer Robinson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
23 September 2016
I am now day 28 smoke free from up to 20 a day habit, I had stopped after day 3 of tablets and haven't looked back, would totally recommend, my kids love giving mum hugs now!! Thank you quit stop now!
Bevnterry Horrigan reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
22 September 2016
I haven't received my tablets yet but I'm practicing, it is now 2.30 and I have only had 3 cigs.....I have smoked since I was 18, now 72. I practice good health, I grow all our veggies and it really p****ses me off that I smoke, am very determined, sooooo, wish me luck guys.......
Sarah Kemp reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
22 September 2016
Seriously skeptical at first especially because of the FB side of things and also the cost $300. But seriously the best thing I've done I had stopped after 3 days I am up to day 16.Really bizarre it's as though I never smoked no cravings, I can have a couple of wines or a coffee and not even think about a cigarette which are generally the things you avoid as they go hand in hand. My appetite hasn't changed, still stick to my healthy eating regime. No nausea unlike champix which made me incredibly sick and I was only taking a qtr of a tablet. If someone lights up around me the smell doesn't make me sick, I'm aware but my brain turns off. I agree everyone's different but I definitely encourage people to give it a go. I wasn't a heavy smoker it may obviously be different for those who are. Cheers QSN.
Shane Boyns reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
20 September 2016
Went from 25 cigarettes a day to 0 in three days would highly recommend this program thank you QSN
Dianne Crooks reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
17 September 2016
I have already commented but I forgot to add that I have given up smoking for good but during one of the hardest times possible. My father in law was terminally ill and I was caring for him 24/7 and was with him when he passed. I started whilst he was in hospital dont know why then but I have done it and if you know me I have tried everything to give up but this is the easiest way. Highly recommend it. Go for it!!!
Carlos Jones reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
14 September 2016
I start smoke whit 17 years old I never stop today whit 41 years I smoke about 30 pd. I know is not good smoke so many per day. i never tray to stop but know I need same help to stop. Thank you
Kurt Wall reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
13 September 2016
Best thing I've ever done They really do work I recommend this to anyone wanting to quit
Iain N Nicole Glasgow reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 September 2016
Been smoke free for over five weeks now and l'm not going back! Used to smoke nearly two fifty gram packs of tobacco a week for over twenty years, now I'm loving waking up in the morning and not coughing til I dry reached after puffing down four or five durries in half an hour. This program has made giving up the ciggies a hell of a lot easier then I thought it would be. Cheers guys for program so easy to complete even with smoking work mates around
Mary Hilder reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
2 September 2016
I'm adding a review because if I can get just one person to give up it will be a good thing.I didn't want to give up but I knew I had to for my health and for the fact I was spending so much money. I couldn't believe how easy it was.There wasn't any cravings? The only reason I wanted a smoke was out of habit. It's been six weeks now and that is the only thing I am struggling with. But I'm working on it. So if your really wanting to give ups try this.
Jenny Micucci reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
1 September 2016
Been smoking for 40 yrs, tried the usual hypnosis, champix etc. Started the program 9 days ago with thing we ever did. If your thinking about doing it....just do it, you'll be very surprised how easy it is.
Kim Hor reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
29 August 2016
Ive made it to day 51, yah , i thought id never do it, but i have, im still having moments that i feel like a smoke, but no way. Thank you quit stop now, i did smoke for 35 years, but not anymore.
Shaselle Anderson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
28 August 2016
NOTE: I am not paid to write my success story here. It's my way of helping & sharing the effectiveness of using this program and I'm recommending it without reservation. This program works. Period. Thank you to QSN & wonderful staff who are so supportive, patient & very helpful. QUIT - I've been wanting to quit smoking for years now and have tried patches, champix and cold turkey but failed miserably. I think back then, my intention of quitting smoking was overridden by my addiction to nicotine, plus the unpleasant and ineffective results of those methods. Until I read about Quit Stop Now. STOP- It took me 5 months (since reading about this program on FB), to finally decide & use this program. Received my tablets but I hesitated because I had some unfounded fears, doubts, & to be honest, I was still trying to rationalise my decision, -I was overthinking. I woke up one morning in July 14, 2016 & decided to just do it. My journey to STOP my smoking habit started on this day. In short I tackled this monster habit/addiction by the horn so to speak. I succeeded. NOW- The 20th of July 2016 was my FREEDOM day, I completely ceased smoking. Oh there were momentary 'cravings' but they go away quite quickly. I refused to entertain any thoughts about the 'Joys' of smoking. Rather, I was focused on quitting the bad habit, it's bad side effects & the huge cost involved. My goal was always been to be smoke free by the end of this program. I succeeded - one day at a time. Each day that I don't smoke, I feel triumphant. I was a smoker for 32 years and as of this writing, I am 38 days smoke free & 16 days since I finished the program. Never again will I go back to smoking. I am FREE & looking forward to a brighter, smoke free future. I am fortunate enough that I did not ask people about the 'side effects' of this program. The reason being that I didn't want to feed my thoughts of any 'fear' or something that may influence my mind and cause me to discontinue. Remember that in anything you do, there are side effects but it varies between individuals. The side effects of QuitStopNow program is negligible compared to the other systems I've tried before. I only felt light headed sometimes, some headache (take Panadol and it's gone usually). It's our body adjusting to the new 'Normal' - without the nicotine. It's our body's natural way of readjusting to how it should be, it's trying to heal itself without the aid of harmful chemicals or nicotine anymore. QUIT STOP NOW is surprisingly a very effective program that should work in many people and I highly recommend to everyone. It is easy and for as long as you follow the system, it should work. If you're now feeling like you really want to quit smoking, then I would like to encourage you to try this method.
Rick Thorne reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
22 August 2016
Fantastic helped me to quit and now I'm reaping the rewards recommend to everyone who wants to quit this disgusting habit.
Jackie Smith reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
18 August 2016
I'm day 24 into the program and it really works.. Best thing I've done for myself.. No more excuses I'm happy and proud to say I'm a non smoker and this program made that happen so easily..
Khang Đẹp Trai reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
18 August 2016
Spot on when claimed "the best natural way to quit" emphasis on the word natural because the tablets have no nicotine in it nor any receptors blockers, yet I had no craving and quit like it was the easiest thing in the world. I'm a 20 years habit smoker going rate of 15 per day. I tried lozenges, patches, inhalers, chanpix and almost everything in the market, yet unsuccessful. Once I went on the patches for over 2 months-the most horrible period and no success. Chanpix gave me insomnia and nightmares, horrible. QSN surprised everyone around me and me the most, I quit overnight. Many thanks to QSN and I hope you can help many others in the world. Alex Vo
Lois Williams reviewed Quit Stop Now — 3
16 August 2016
Have never smoked. And boy when I look around and see the porobems i had caused, I anso thnkful.
Melissa Mason reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
11 August 2016
Never ever thought i would b a non smoker. Now smoke free for 31 days. I was very suprised how easy this program was. Highly recommended
Lauren Prosser reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
10 August 2016
So far so good, communication with the team has been excellent & postage was super quick. I live in Adelaide, ordered the product Monday and it has arrived today. I'm starting tomorrow and hoping for the best. Seemed a bit pricey initially but I'm at the point where I want to try anything to quit smoking & this is going to cost the price I pay for smokes in a fortnight. On champix I suffered horrible side effects. Really hope this works!!! Wish me luck!
Brian Jobber reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
7 August 2016
Well it definitely worked for me, but with some interesting symptoms / side effects along the way, but compared to previous attempts to shake the cigs, this was a breeze. So here we go. Started the tablets on Wednesday night, by Friday (day three) had two cigs, one in the morning, one at lunch, had a knap, woke up , had the third and vomited really badly. On the Saturday, two cigs and on Sunday stopped completely. Wouldn't say I had cravings, but felt a little light headed, but very relaxed. After that the desire dissapeared pretty well completely, but the smell of cigs made me feel sick to the stomach , slightly dizzy and a little short of breath. All good, then around day 14, started having issues with my sleeping patterns and my asthma went fom being an occasional nuisance to a couple of medium attacks a day. I hung in there, increased my ashtma medication slightly and got by. As far as sleeping, went down to 5 hours of restlessness, though I had a lot more energy, so it basically balanced itself out. After stopping the tablets completely at 26 days, felt quite ok. Was a little bit spacy, but had no desire. At day 31, felt really cranky for some reason, had really bad withdrawal symptoms, but hung in there and have been fine since. Despite the sleeplessness and increase in ashtma which are now settling down since being off the tablets, it's been so worthwhile and so easy. I know its not over yet, but honestly I would have no hesitation in recommending Q.S.N.
Owen Ashby reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
5 August 2016
30 a day for years. QSN program worked for me. Haven't had a cigarette for 30 days. Must admit never thought it would ever be this easy. Thanks QSN Everyone who smokes should try this program.
Linda Fraser reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
4 August 2016
I have tried everything before so I thought I would give this ago and it works. Simple fact of the matter it has also helped me to get my drinking under control too. Its been 2 weeks and though I had a little bump I know I can do it with the help from Nikko and all the positive messages from others. Thank QSN I have never felt so positive about giving up this horrible habit.
Nadene Leonard reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
4 August 2016
I can not rave enough about this product. I am only on day 14 but am completely smoke free, can't stand the smell or even the thought of picking up the habit ever again. Thank you QSN :)
Laurel Redmond reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
29 July 2016
I'm adding a review because if I can influence just one person to give this a go, like that one person influenced me. I've done a great thing. I've tried them all. This was unexpectedly easy, yes easy, seriously. My first day I got through 8 smokes the second 3. My 3rd day I couldn't even consider it. I was keen, thinking when I started, oh well I'm allowed to smoke for 5 days. Let's see what happens. Amazing, where are the cravings? Where's my usual "this doesn't work, look at me fagging"? It's amazing how much more I can get done through the day. I saw a group of people heading for a smoking area. I new none of them but I had to tell them about this . Give it a go. Stick to the program. Come out smiling. I don't care about the money saving, I'll spend it on some other crap anyway but geez ya can't beat the feeling that you've beaten those evil, stinking, mean, nasty bloody fags xoxoxo
Karen Land reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
24 July 2016
I was also skeptical about this program! I was a pkt a day smoker and felt like the give up thing was just too hard. I can honestly say I have been on the program for 21 days now! smoke free for 16 days! and can honestly say I don't even crave or miss them. Thank you QSN. Anyone wanting to quit well worth it.
Andrew Setterfield reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
19 July 2016
I didn't think this was possible, I saw the ad on Facebook and thought it was a scam. The information provided from the website and their personnel was very informative and supportive. I am not two days from completing the thirty day program and have not smoked or wanted to smoke from day four. The money is not high, equivalent to one month of smoking. Cheap investment really to quit the habit for good
Will Knox reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
15 July 2016
Hi started the program 13 days ago , so far so good , would recommend so far , but see what happens in the coming days , don't really have the cravings at the moment
Timtam Fred reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
13 July 2016
I smoked for 19 years and at the end was at 40 a day!! I tried every product on the market , the old "cold turkey" and never got passed 72hrs. I saw this product on Facebook of all places lol and omg, i was smokefree in 3 days and i havent looked back. Its cheap, easy and requires nothing but the want to quit!! I strongly urge everyone to try them, they're awesome and i havent had a ciggy in a month :)
Kane Buj reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
13 July 2016
Cant wait to quit smoking for good. Aryi fek chermoota
Kevin Hinton reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
13 July 2016
I've almost finished my course on the tablets only 1 week to go as of yesterday and I'm happy to say that I have been smoke free for over 2 weeks with no cravings for smokes at all. This program has been the most easy and successful quit smoking program I have tried to date. Only after a couple of days on the tablets I realised that I was going out for smokes less and less then all of a sudden I stopped smoking completely with absolutely no cravings or mood changes from not having a regular intake of nicotine. Also with this program you receive regular emails and you get a quit smoking coach that you can talk to to help as well. I recommend this program to anyone that wants to give up, its just as cheep if not cheaper then using patches, gum and most of the alternatives. Best of luck to all that give this program a go it is definitely worth your time and money!!
Jan Shepherd reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
12 July 2016
I have been a smoker for 45 years, I have tried Zyban, Champix which had terrible side effects and didn't work, also tried various products such as patches (I took them off when I was desperate for a smoke). I thought I would try QSN as I saw very good reports in the comments. On day 6 I stopped smoking, the only side affects were a dry mouth and a horrible taste if I had a smoke, I have not had a smoke now for 28 days and the difference in my breathing is amazing. It is not a miracle cure as you still have to want to give up but it is the best aid I have found and makes quitting possible. From a 30 to 40 a day smoker to a person who enjoys the taste of foods etc so much better and to improved health in such a short time I recommend this product to anyone who wants to quit smoking.They also have a great support team who keep in contact with you so if you have any problems you can discuss it with them.
Melissa Marie reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
10 July 2016
Hi been smoking for 12years atleast 25 to 30 smokes per day qsn has helped me to give up smoking for good after the first 4 days its was really easy after that you still get the smoke cravings here and there but it goes pretty fast you just have to be strong and dont give in the tablets helped with not wanting to smoke bit you still get the moodswings and etc only problem im having now is that im getting very bad sugar and sweet cravings and cant stop eating but other than that the qsn program helped
Joanne Anning reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
7 July 2016
I was a smoker for over 40 years and since starting this program I have not had any withdrawal symtoms or cravings. It's been 24 days now since quitting. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to give up smoking as it's worth every dollar. After all it's money you would have spent on smokes so although it seems a lot to pay for this program just keep that in mind. Good luck everyone
Joe Achille reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
7 July 2016
23 years of smoking a pack a day by day five on QSN I was done. Today is day 13 and I don't even think about smoking.
Paul Reid reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
3 July 2016
Very happy with this 2 days on tablets never lite another one & now over a month & still going strong
Mark Walter Heffernan reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
29 June 2016
Well, I just received my tablets today.A little sceptical but willing to see if they work and worried about the not sleeping and nausea , but will give it a go. I have been smoking for 36 years ( minus 6 while having children) , I've tried the tablets from the doctor twice, the first time I stopped for 6 months, the second time the tablets made me sick.Its really good to read all the success stories.
Gareth N Jamie Adams reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
29 June 2016
These really work! Happy for a PM from people to prove I am real, I was skeptical but after a day on the tablets I just didn't want to smoke and no cravings at all, you can smoke up-to day 6 however truly I've not had a craving or desire for a smoke since yesterday night! No bad side effects as I had with other attempts well none so far!!
Karen Pickett reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
22 June 2016
Im on day 7.... stopped smoking day 4... cant believe how easy this has been. No cravings no anger. I actually feel like ive never smoked. If your serious about quitting then this is it !!!!
Matt Wibberley reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
21 June 2016
I smoked for over 25 years and tried several times to quit using an array of methods. I have been smoke free for 375 days and can't believe how easy it was.
Jan Brady reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
20 June 2016
I have not had a smoke for nearly 4mths, I'm so much healthier, being an asthmatic, I have not had to use my spray, my breathing has improved so much, I had a day procedure at hospital last week, my vitals were taken again, before I went home, my air capacity was 99, I'm so thankful for QSN I tell everyone about my journey, oh, I'm 63yr old, so it's a bonus for me, thanks again......very happy customer
Kelli-Jane McMahon reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
19 June 2016
Was a smoker of 25 smokes a day for 26 years. Im at day 31 smoke free. I have saved over $700 from not buying cigarettes. QSN was so easy. Anyone can do it. Give it a go. Its the best thing I've done in years.
Lynn Howe reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
15 June 2016
I think this program is amazing, 47 days smoke free for me after 43 years of smoking, i feel great and think support etc is great, however i do find it annoying that i keep getting emails asking if i have relapsed and 20 % off to re order tablets, i actually got this message while on tablets and continue to get, have sent stop and hope these annoying messages stop
Darlene Lee reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
14 June 2016
Are the tables champers I have heart problem are they safe for me
Leighton Mulley reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
8 June 2016
On my 12th day of pills 6 days without a smoke couple of little cravings but doesnt last for long use to smoke 40 -50 a day very impressed cheers qsn
Jody Brown reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
4 June 2016
I was a massive sceptic of this program. It took me 6 months from my initial phone call to actually starting the tablets. I was a smoker for 30 years and had tried everything to give up. QSN tablets have worked and it was not difficult. No nausea, no cravings, no nightmares and no other side effects. If you are serious about quitting I can not recommend this program highly enough!
Charlene Smith reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
1 June 2016
Was smoking 40 day and now nearly 3 weeks smokes free thanks to quit stop now have been on them for 22 days . They are great no cravings no anger issues like others I have tried
Judi Kopanica reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
31 May 2016
Ok I'm 60 I am now nicotine free for 10 weeks and 3 days For 23 years I basically smoked 50 cigarettes per day. Prior to that I had smoked from the age of 18 til 33. I stopped smoking when I was pregnant at 33 And took it up again at the age of 37 Nothing helped until QSN
Melly Hoodhood Succar reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
30 May 2016
Im 39 and been smoking since I was 18, but I don't smoke too much like a chimney,I didn't take anything to help quit..quit myself naturally with you mind tells you your ready to quit I'm a smoker free now for 1month..and I felt so good, breath easier and can move around a lot better and get me busy will get me an addicted, becs no sitting anymore and fag..thank god for helping the way my mum and brother will quit, my hubby is a very heavy smoker like the chimney smoke never stop, he can't stop becs of his chest pressure wants to smoke badly..god help him
Karen Morton reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
28 May 2016
I found it relatively easy to give up smoking, after 40 or so years of the disgusting habit. The QSN program works, and I am determined to never smoke again. Feels pretty good!! Nice to finally stop killing myself. I recommend the program to any smokers who have had enough of nicotine ruling their lives.
Christine Browne reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
19 May 2016
I do not smoke and would not hesitate to start having a great healthier lifestyle.
Rachel Simm reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
15 May 2016
Great product. 128 days smoke free now. Would recommend this to anyone
Belphina Tonga reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
10 May 2016
Deb Brockley Way reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 May 2016
I never thought this would work..I'm only on day 3 of no smoking. I've tried other programs..this starts to work on day 1, I've never been so determined..give it a've got nothing to lose
Robert Alan Jones reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
9 May 2016
Quit Stop is part of a world wide movement advising on the health benefits of quitting smoking. I was able to stop in 1986 only because I needed Heart Surgery which saved my life in 1989. believe me - Smoking Kills - and not in any way that could be called easy!
Amanda Sullivan reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
5 May 2016
I was the biggest sceptic out on these, wasn't a fan of being bombarded with Txt messages and it put me off buying them. My partner came home with them so we gave them ago.......... I'm on day 9of the program and 5 days smoke free. Day three smokes tasted awful and I was down to 10 a day from my usual 30. I haven't had one physical craving or side effect. Your only main obstacle is your own head!! Will recommend to all who are serious about quitting. I'm happy to answer any PM's to the sceptics!
Sharon Robinson-Pittaway reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
1 May 2016
After being a smoker for 35+ years I have final given up after taking this program would recommend to anyone to try it am just so happy that smoking dosen't control my life now I feel free
Matthew Costa reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
28 April 2016
I am day 11 on this program & 7 days smoke free I can not believe how well this program works I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to quite smoking but has been struggling too. If I can do it anyone can.
Elvia Campos reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 April 2016
Me parece excelente la campaña que están haciendo para ayudar a la humanidad los felicito
Rhiannan Wilson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
27 April 2016
Day 15 smoke free YAY I no longer crave smokes haven't had a 1 smoke since day 4 of the tablets Best decision my fiancé and I made
Sarsha Harvey reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
26 April 2016
After champix failing my husband succeeded with questions stop now. Reading all the feedback can be daunting but it's actually legit! It does work! It's effin expensive but so is smoking!! It's worth a try my hubby smoked 2 50 grams a week!
Jacqueline Higginson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
20 April 2016
Hi I'm from the UK. I saw an advert on Facebook to help me stop smoking I filled in the form and later received call was surprised it was from Australia explain any help people to stop smoking I thought well maybe I will give it a go and I did after trying many many times before and products of every description I receive my parcel containers quite stop now tablets made a day to start to program to my utter surprise on about the 4th day I didn't want to smoke without realising without stressing without thinking about it also received support emails and phone calls from the quit smoking team it's been 5 weeks now £196 better off by not buying 10 cigarettes a day I seriously sincerely honestly ask if you're serious about stop smoking this is most definitely your best shot good luck everyone
Reece David reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
12 April 2016
This page is awesome living clean is the the way ..
Kylie Robson reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
10 April 2016
Totally recommend Quit Stop Now to whoever is serious about quitting smoking. It does work if you follow the program. I feel so much happier and healthier since quitting. Won't be looking back now.
Dgbro Nam reviewed Quit Stop Now — 4
4 April 2016
Need to stop smoking but ??????
Jake Harris reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
26 March 2016
After researching all the ingrediants, i found that this product contains Baptitoxine. Iturns out that baptitoxine has been used in Europe since 1960 to also help people stop smoking. The substance is natural and is extracted from several species of plants. Just thought I'd let everybody know that out of all the ingrediants, baptitoxine is the only thing in these tablets that is stoping you from wanting nicotine.
George Dragovic reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
22 March 2016
So far 5 days smoke free and loving it don't know how it works but it works and I sure hope it keeps working thanks team
Jason Phillips reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
22 March 2016
Great product and highly recommend it to any one wanting to give the durries the flick. 4 weeks smoke free and can never see myself touching another after 16 yrs at average 30 a day. Cheers QSN ya's made the crissy card list.
Sandor Kovacs reviewed Quit Stop Now — 5
20 March 2016
If people can give up smoking, encouraged by the people experience, it's wery good for their health, if a lot of people can be prevented from having cancer it's all to the good.