QSN® Referral Club

Want to help people stop smoking and get paid to do so?

Join the QSN® Referral Club and start to refer your friends and family to the QSN® Stop Smoking Program!

The QSN® Referral Club is open to everyone, not just our Customers.

You can earn 10% of the program price paid for each person referred!*

And your friend will get FREE shipping when they purchase the Program!

Joining the QSN® Referral Club is FREE and EASY, all you need to do is register below starting with your email address.

Once registered you will be given a referral code that you can give to your friends to use when they purchase the QSN® Stop Smoking Program online or give it to our friendly staff if they call to order.

*Please see the T&C (terms and conditions) of our QSN® Referral Club below as it will answer many questions you may have about how much you get paid, how you get paid, when you get paid and other important information.

Once you have read the T&C, please set your own account up below and good luck helping other people beat their smoking habit!

Should you have any questions, please call us on the free call number listed above.

And most importantly, thank you for helping us, we really appreciate it.

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