QSN® Referral Club Terms & Conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions and important information you need to be aware of:

  • You need to setup your account with us.
  • We will provide you with an unique coupon code to provide your friends and family.
  • Ideally they will purchase online, where they can enter your unique code into their order, so we know they have been referred by you.
  • If your referral, calls our free call telephone number, rather than purchasing online, they can provide the friendly Sales person they speak with, your unique code. If they don’t provide it though, we won’t know to pay you.
  • We will pay you 10% of the QSN® Stop Smoking Program bought by your referral, using your unique referral code and give them, FREE shipping, when ordering the Program, using your unique coupon code.
  • You can tell your friends and family about us, using your personal blog, personal social media accounts, and via your personal contacts via emails and text messages, but you can’t pretend to be us, and please don’t advertise as ‘QSN’ or for ‘QSN’ either. We have some social media share tools for you to use in your account.
  • If the person you refer sends their product back and we refund their money, as per our money back guarantee, we reserve the right to claw back the monies we paid you, from any future payments we pay you.
  • The 10% doesn’t include the fee for shipping and handling, card transaction fee I’m afraid, only the Program fee.
  • Currently the QSN® Wellness Products aren’t included in the QSN® Referral Program, but we hope to add at a later date.
  • We will send you the money via PayPal to the e-mail address you specify when registering.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account, the email PayPal payment link we send you will explain how you can set one up within a few minutes.
  • Once you have your PayPal account setup you can transfer money from it back to your bank account.
  • We will list your successful referrals in your account, which you will see when you login to your account, and then send you the payment email in 30-days of the Program being purchased.
  • If you refer a friend in a different country, we will show your referral fee in the currency used to purchase the Program, but will convert to your local currency at the time of sending you the payment link.
  • We reserve the right to close your account with 7-days notice, for any reason.
  • Any questions, please call the free call number listed on this site.
  • Once again, thank you for helping us help more people stop smoking, you’re helping save lives.