Quitting Smoking: Mind, Body, and Soul

Cigarettes may have a hold on you now, but you do not have to continue living as a captive to nicotine. The benefits of kicking the habit majorly outweigh the pleasure cigarettes provide especially on your Mind, Body, and Soul. Here are some points to consider when you’ve made the decision to kick the habit.


Throughout the day, a smoker can suffer from nicotine withdrawal, which negatively affects the brain. Like any drug, nicotine changes your brain, making it crave nicotine like it would crave a drug like heroin. By putting down the cigarettes, you’re making a decision to regain control over your body, beginning with your mind.


As winter makes an appearance, we know we’re in for the cold and flu season. By quitting smoking, you are dramatically lessening the impact of the symptoms colds provide. If you smoke and suffer from a cold, you are not getting a more intense virus, your body is just reacting poorly to it. This makes it last longer making smokers more miserable for the duration of the cold and flu season. By quitting smoking before winter, you greatly improve your chances for a quick recovery from a virus like a cold.


Smoking cigarettes can take a toll on the body inside and out. You get one body and once chance at taking care of it correctly. By quitting smoking, you are regaining control of your life and your circumstances. Even nine months after putting down the cigarettes, your lungs are able to keep clean, and your overall energy improves.

There are so many benefits to putting down your cigarettes forever. You owe it to yourself to live the best life possible. By taking care of your mind, body, and soul through making the choice to quit, you are on your way to being the best form of yourself.