Quitting Smoking is All About Self-Regulation

Did you know that your smartphone probably has an app (i.e. the iPhone’s Health app) that makes it easy to track the number of steps that you take? If it doesn’t, you can easily download this kind of app from Google Play or the App Store. If you walk around a large building, for example, you would be surprised how several trips could easily equal one kilometre. If you walked several kilometres a day, you would see the direct connection between the number of steps that you took and your cardiovascular health. We want our readers to be mindful of their health and to use tools that will help them quit smoking. That’s because we know that becoming an ex-smoker will benefit your body immediately by reducing the number of harmful chemicals ingested on a daily basis. Quitting the nasty tobacco habit will also help you live longer.

Think About the Need for Self-Regulation

Quitting smoking is all about Self-Regulation. Whether we want to admit it or not, the reason that many consumers love mobile apps is that they are putting themselves in control of their own lifestyle. Whether they are improving their self-image or connecting more with distant loved ones, apps help them make different choices. We could also argue here that consumers could use a health and fitness tracker every day and maybe they wouldn’t need a personal trainer anymore. Ah, the savings on gym fees! If this is you, all you would need to do is regularly engage in activities that furnish the desired results. So, if you’re all about self-regulation (or at least getting there little by little), then we have a question for you.

“Would you use a mobile app to track how many cigarettes that you smoke a day?”

Many smokers out there in the audience would, but we might not like the results that the app shows us. What’s more, we know that you’d be more likely to respond if you could see how each cigarette that you consumed decreased your life expectancy. We know that there is an app out there on the market for just about every consumer need and that modern developers have invented apps we don’t need. The result is that we have become increasingly reliant on smartphones, which challenges us to become more aware of our own habits. Personal apps give enough information to help us make better decisions about our health.

Think Ahead

We know that it’s not easy to quit smoking. Anyone who has ever had an addiction knows it. Instead of beating yourself up over how many cigarettes you’re smoking, we invite you to imagine a different future. We want you to envision that day when you won’t need or want to smoke a cigarette anymore. Think about how it will be nice to breathe clearly and do not need a break from nonsmokers. You will no longer feel like a social outcast, being relegated to finding a spot at least fifty feet from the building before lighting up. You won’t have to feel embarrassed that people will be offended by that smoke smell in your vehicle. You will be able to kiss loved ones and friends freely, and you won’t see that look that crosses their face when they smell the yucky tobacco.

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