Quitting Smoking if You Have Diabetes: Better Managing Your Disease

You’ve perhaps grown up suffering from diabetes, but managed it enough where you thought smoking wouldn’t inhibit your treatment. If you ever made this decision recently or years ago, you’ve likely seen how smoking only worsens your condition.

Those of you who’ve started smoking to curb the stress from dealing with diabetes should realise the realities and risks you’re placing yourself under. Those of you suffering from Type 1 diabetes are particularly vulnerable to a domino effect of health issues.

It’s all the more reason quitting smoking should become a top priority if you have diabetes and think you can get by without anything serious.

In truth, a lot could happen, and a lot of it could become triggered by stress. Here’s why quitting smoking if you have diabetes is crucial:

The Dangers of Stress Creating Other Health Issues

Many Australian experts on quitting smoking note stress is one of the most dangerous aspects of diabetes since it can set off a string of health events. With stroke and heart attack risk already being considerable with diabetes, smoking only increases the potential of this happening.

Evidence continually shows smoking increases blood pressure. If you don’t keep this monitored, strokes could easily happen. Of course, stress already causes a multitude of things. Adding nicotine to your body and breathing smoke only compounds this to a point where every day could become a risk to your health.

The worst of this is when smoke ruins insulin efficacy.

Smoke Ruining How You Process Insulin

Medical statistics show just how much cigarette smoke does to delaying insulin absorption. This can become an equally concerning situation when you rely on your insulin to stabilize your blood sugar.

Because smoke changes how effective your insulin is, you may need a larger dose to keep your blood sugar stable. Smoke is already known for making blood glucose levels go out of control. When you have an important job, you don’t want your blood glucose dipping too low or high due to your smoking habit.

Also, consider the expense involved in needing larger insulin doses. Combine this with the cost of buying cigarettes regularly and you have a lot of money being spent you could place in something more important.

Smoking and Diabetes Affects Your Eyesight

Losing your eyesight is continual a major symptom of diabetes, and smoking only makes this worse. Damaging chemicals in your body gets into your bloodstream and ruins your eyesight further. You could technically go blind at a young age if you live your life with diabetes and smoke at the same time.

Once you quit smoking, you immediately reduce the chances of eye disease. Many other disease potentials immediately lower, though relapsing could set a slew of problems in motion again.

Other Health Issues Caused By Smoking With Diabetes

Circulation issues in your feet and legs could worsen due to smoking while suffering from diabetes of either type. Kidney disease could additionally increase, and in fact could happen sooner in life than you think when smoking.

Even nerve damage could occur, leading to numb feet and hands. Typically, this increases nerve damage in your internal organs, leading to very serious health issues all at once.

Don’t forget about your sex life as well, something you probably cherish in all stages of your life. Smoking and diabetes only leads to a dramatic drop in your libido before you reach middle-age.

Tooth decay occurs as well, leading to a deteriorated appearance, something dramatically affecting relationships.

As you can see, quitting smoking has more urgency than ever when you insist on smoking with a disease like diabetes.