Quit Smoking without Gaining those Pounds

You’re ready to quit smoking, and it’s about time. Surely you’ve heard stories from friends and family about how hard it can be, and one of those hardships you may have noticed is weight gain.

According to medlineplus.gov there are several reasons why this may occur, primarily:

✔️ Nicotine in cigarettes speed up your metabolism; it’s reasonable to assume it will be affected once you have quit smoking

✔️ Cigarettes reduce appetite

✔️ You may replace your smoking habit with food

So what can be done to help prevent the added pounds? Well, here are a few au-natural tips that may help you out, and in the process, create a healthier, happier you:

1. Exercise

If you’re worried that your metabolism may speed up, exercise is your old standby. Exercise has an obvious array of health benefits for the metabolism. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. Simple walks out at the park or just staying active and moving around can do a lot.

2. Drink more Water!

Drinking water has long been shown to have the effect of curbing appetite, and thankfully studies now show that this is a scientific reality. In between your walks, work, or anything you may be engaged in, always keep a bottle of water around to get rid of those hungry urges.

3. Replace your Smoking Habit with Something Else

Maybe people tend to gravitate towards food if they can’t have a cigarette. Their addiction to nicotine as well as the mental/emotional high given by cigarettes can be difficult to overcome. With that being said, you can gravitate towards health foods, pick up a hobby, or even a toothpick to simply have something to chew on.

Taking a deep breath, and counting to 10 may also be effective in doing away with that intrusive feeling. Quit smoking without gaining those pounds is not easy but if you try one day at the time you can do it.

If you’re serious about quitting smoking, please contact us and get started today.