A new specially formulated product to help you enjoy the new smoke free you.

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Lungs were designed to breathe air, not smoke, so after a lifetime of smoking, you can imagine what state your lungs are in. Do you have Phlegm? Smoker’s cough? Breathlessness?

Naturbreathe® has been formulated especially for the lungs, containing our unique blend of herbal extracts and minerals to support lung and respiratory health as well as improve the immune system.

Will your lungs return to normal? Unfortunately, no. Scarring on the lungs from smoking is permanent, as is the damage caused to the air sacs (aeoli).

However, the good news is that the tiny hairs (cilia) designed to protect your lungs and airways, will likely return to normal in a relatively short period and the inflammation of the lungs does reduce once you have stopped smoking. *

NaturBreathe® is taken 1-a-day for 60 days.

Imagine your lungs starting to heal, breathing in pure, clean air, 24/7, how good will that be?

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