After quitting who else will be impressed?

A New Treatment to Stop Smoking

In conjunction with pharmaceutical, health and wellness experts, we have developed an Integrated Stop Smoking Program.

It is a combination of our Naturquit® tablets, guidance and support, and although we cannot guarantee success, from what we see, the majority of people who go on the program and follow the instructions carefully do stop smoking.

For those that don’t stop, we have our money back guarantee!

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A unique blend of vitamins, minerals and other substances found naturally occurring in Australian Plants.

Naturquit® Tablets

Our program includes a 30 day supply of our Naturquit® tablets. These tablets are made from a unique blend of vitamins and other natural substances found in Plants. The tablets are a pleasant flavour, which can either be swallowed or sucked without water.

The majority of our customers report that by day 8 of the program, they didn’t feel like smoking and their cravings had been reduced. We have hundreds of 5 STAR reviews from our customers available on this website imported directly from our Facebook page.

Naturquit® tablets contain NO NICOTINE.

The better we understand something, the better we are to best deal with it.

QSN® Support Program

Aside from the Naturquit® tablets, over the 30-days we send through via email, a Stop Smoking Support Program to help our Customers better understand the quitting smoking journey and how best to deal with it.

The support program provides videos, tips, information and advice, on Nutrition and Dietetics, Addiction, Wellness and Change Behaviour along with shared experiences and research articles, all to help support. Our Customers can best enjoy their journey if they know what is going on and have the resources they need to succeed.

Like most things in life, the better someone is informed about a subject, the better able they are to deal with it. Stopping smoking is no different, so please read everything we send!

Quitting requires powerful and immediate interruptions to help you stay focused.

QSN® TXT Support

Also receive a daily text service that complements the more in depth email support program that we send. The messages are designed to be informative and motivational and will give a key message for the day, relevant to actual day of the 30-day program.

We feel quitting requires powerful and immediate interruptions to help stay focused on the stop smoking journey, something that these text messages will do!

We are available to talk and support you throughout your journey.

QSN® Customer Service Team

While starting to learn the benefits of our quit smoking program, our Customers can get in touch with us for additional information and advice.  Please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Contact our QSN® Customer Service to talk or ask any questions about anything. As we know that it is a challenging journey – we can help guide,  every step of the way.

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing…

QSN® Money Back Guarantee

The final component of the Program is the peace of mind our Customers receive by knowing that from what we see, most people who follow the instructions carefully, stop smoking on the Program, but if they don’t stop smoking by Day 8 of the Program, they can return the unused tablets for a refund (click here to view terms and conditions).

Ready to start your stop smoking journey? We’re here to help!
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