Is Your Cell phone as Dangerous as a Cigarette?

Australian’s love their cell phones. They’re fun and they keep you connected to everything that’s important throughout your business and personal life. However, are cell phone’s safe to use?

Do you sleep with you cell phone beside your bed?

If you’re like most Australians, you’ve heard rumors that cell phones emit radiation. Many people have dismissed this information as an urban legend or something that always seemed true but was never proven. However, Nara Schoenberg of the Chicago Tribune recently shared that this is one urban legend that’s founded in fact.

Many people sleep with their cell phones on their night stands or under their pillows in case they need to wake up. Many people keep their phone in their pocket, close to the body. This is normal for many people. However, some experts believe that this could be dangerous.

Government experts admit that cell phones emit radiation that’s unhealthy. Science hasn’t been able to link the radio frequency radiation to a specific health problem yet. However, health experts still remain concerned. The US National Toxicology Program recently conducted a study on rats. Researchers exposed the rats to radiation. The rats developed heart and brain tumors as a result. There have also been studies on animals that indicate that cell phone radiation exposure negatively affected sperm quality.

Fun Fact: Your cell phone manufacturer gives you instructions on avoiding excessive radio frequency radiation.

Yup. Most of us don’t read every little booklet that comes in our cellphone box. Most of us don’t realize that the manufacturers admit their products emit radiation and they tell us how to best use the products safely.

According to Schoenberg, cell phones are generally regarded as safe if you keep the device a, “small but significant distance from your body.” Each manual will give you the ideal distance for that device’s safety. For example, keep Google Pixels about .4 inches from your body and iPhone 7s about .2 inches from your body.

Therefore, if your cellphone is on in your pocket or tucked in your bras when you don’t feel like carrying a purse, it’s too close. You’re exposing yourself to harmful radiation. Most Australians have no idea. In addition, though there has been no conclusive evidence that cell phone radiation can cause damage to the body or its systems, experts still concede that they don’t know what the results of long-term exposure to radio frequency radiation will be. After all, cellphones really haven’t been around long enough for us to know.

Here’s where you have to look use your best judgment. For example, just a few decades ago, government agencies all over the world put out similar findings of cigarettes. Then, gradually, every year, the news got worst and worst. Just like it’s best to quit smoking as soon as you can when it comes to radiation in any form, it’s best to minimize your exposure.

At the very least, take the time to find out what your cell phone manufacturers guidelines for safe use are. If you can carry your device in a purse or a briefcase, then do so. If privacy isn’t a huge concern, talk on speakerphone whenever possible. When privacy is a concern, you can use headphones to reduce your exposure to possibly harmful radiation.

There’s no doubt that you don’t want to go too far into the whole cellphone radiation world online. You’re going to get sidetracked with alien and Big Foot sightings and log off more confused than when you logged on. You could get lost on YouTube for hours. Schoenberg advises people to try their best to stick to reading data published by reputable sources.