Common Side Effects with Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other products that contain nicotine are incredibly dangerous and unhealthy. Unfortunately, they are also very addictive once you start and form a habit. One of the most common ways to get over the addiction of nicotine is to go through nicotine replacement therapy. While nicotine replacement therapy may be effective for a lot of people, there are some side effects, that must be taken into consideration before starting the therapy process.

Bad Taste

Today, one of the most common ways that someone will go through nicotine replacement therapy is by chewing nicotine gum. For those that chew the gum, some of the most common side effects include experiencing a bad taste from the gum and even an uncomfortable tailing sensation. In many situations, people have also reported having a higher prevalence of hiccups after chewing the gum.

Stomach Problems

Another common symptom that people experience when using the nicotine gum, lozenges, and other therapy solutions are stomach problems. Those that use these products on a regular basis commonly experience having heartburn, feeling sick to the stomach, and experiencing excessive gas. In some more significant cases it results in bad nausea that requires the user to stop.

Lack of Sleep

One of the bigger challenges that people deal with when they use nicotine replacement therapy is lack of sleep. Several of the most common therapy solutions, including the nicotine patch, cause people to experience poor sleep and vivid dreams. This can then cause more physical problems related to the lack of sleep, including anxiety, which can increase the urge to smoke.