How Smoking is Affecting Your Pets

If you’re considering quitting smoking, good for you! For all the published and documented reasons over the years why smoking is harmful for your health, doing so may be the best thing you’ve ever done for your body. But if you feel like you need more motivation, have you considered what smoking does do your  … Read more

How Understanding Smoking Triggers Can Help You Quit

How Understanding Smoking Triggers Can Help You Quit

When you lit your very first cigarette, you never planned on lighting another. No one plans on becoming addicted to nicotine. It just happens. Nicotine latches on to the chemical receptors in your brain, and before you realize you’re hooked, you are completely hooked. You are not alone, and you cannot change your past. We  … Read more

How Important is Your Heart Health?

If you could have a positive impact on the future, we wonder where you would start. Some people think about going back to the gym and training their bodies to be stronger and more active. Others think about changing their diet. They think about putting foods into their bodies without additives, preservatives, pesticides, or antibiotics,  … Read more

Building the Willpower Through Healthy Lifestyle Choices

How your life goes is decided by a million different influences, some big and some small. Almost every aspect of how and where you grow up becomes a part of you, shaping the opportunities you encounter and the way you make decisions throughout the rest of your life, including whether or not you smoke and  … Read more

The Sneaky Smoker’s Challenge

It’s not quite a parent’s worst nightmare, but it’s surely not a good day when you catch your home from college twenty-something rummaging through your purse for a cigarette, because “Mom. We all know you sneak smokes”. You thought you were hiding it really well, but as it turns out, not so much. And now  … Read more

How to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

It’s a Monday night when you decide to stop smoking. You’re tired of sitting outside in the rain or tired of your mother-in-law coughing obnoxiously loud every time you are in the same room as her. Whatever reason you have, you’ve stopped, but then the cravings set in. In the beginning it’s cigarettes, but then  … Read more

Why Do We Still Smoke?

We all know smoking is bad for us. The comprehensive campaigns against smoking have made it clear that smoking causes disease, that it’s addictive, and that there are literally no health benefits to lighting up. Every cigarette someone goes through is just putting poison into their mouth, throat, lungs, and blood stream. Despite that, though,  … Read more

10 Tips to Quit Smoking tricking yourself

Everyone knows that quitting cigarettes is hard, but for those who haven’t been through it before, they can’t really understand the cravings or how whole personal affectations like how you stand or what you do when you’re stressed have been shaped by smoking. Leaving behind a habit that has become a major part of your  … Read more

The Real Reasons Why You Want to Quit Smoking

The national attitude about smoking has changed significantly in the past two decades. And in that time, smokers have gotten a lot of flack and preachy speeches about why they should quit. These days, there’s always someone ready to tell you why they think you should want to quit. But, we all think, who are  … Read more