A Breakdown on How Nicotine Affects you

Many people don’t bother to think about it, but there was a time that existed before smoking came into their lives. Maybe you’re fed up and wondering what happened? When did this start? And why is it so hard to stop? Well, there are answers to these questions that are common sense and straightforward. Let’s  … Read more

How to Quit Without Punishing Yourself

Smoking is often wrapped up in a network of complicated and often destructive emotions. Many people started smoking as a form of either rebellion against authority figures in their life or conformity with peers but to keep smoking into today’s unwelcoming climate, it definitely takes a little bit of a rebellious spirit. While little rebellions  … Read more

Studies on Smoking and children’s health

You want the best for your children. You take the time to make sure they are healthy secure and happy. Then they get to an age where they start making many of their own decisions. If you are nicotine dependent, there is an increased risk that your children will also use tobacco. You already know  … Read more

How to talk to your teenager about smoking

How to talk to your teenager about smoking

After looking at your teen’s attitude, you will probably decide that your teen is the rebel, or the social smoker, or both. He or she is probably not sophisticated enough to be a truly effective sneaky smoker and probably isn’t advanced enough in the addiction process to be a truly stressed-out smoker. To a teen,  … Read more

Depression and Anxiety when quitting smoking

Life has a way of throwing stressful situations directly in our path. Stress, depression and anxiety are the main reasons many smokers choose to keep the habit. Some smokers are afraid that attempting to quit will magnify these negative feelings. They are afraid that quitting will leave them feeling worse. You may believe that smoking  … Read more

4 Social Triggers that Keep Us Hooked

Smoking is more than a comfortable routine. For many, it’s a social crutch that helps you cope with emotionally charged interactions, arguments, celebrations, and even the crippling weight of loneliness. If you want to quit smoking, you have to recognize the triggers that entice you to light up. Where are you when the urge strikes?  … Read more

The Side Effects to Consider with Nicotine Replacement Therapy

There are several methods that have been developed to help individuals to quit smoking over the years. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is one of the more common pharmacotherapy treatments available. Though it has been proven to be effective for many, it’s important to take a look at the drawbacks and consider if it’s right for you.  … Read more

The Connections Between Smoking and Sleep Apnea

You might find it hard to acknowledge it all the time, but smoking affects many areas of your life. It takes up a lot of time going outside to smoke away from others, but it also affects how you breathe. What some smokers may not realize is that their habit can even affect how they  … Read more

6 Common Smoking Triggers

6 Common Smoking Triggers

Whether you are a casual smoker or chain smoker, there are a host of things can create the urge (trigger) to light up. When you are trying to quit, it is important to know these triggers so you can be prepared for them. While some triggers are more powerful than others and everyone is different,  … Read more

9 Tips on How do you Motivate a Teen to Quit Smoking

So, your kid is smoking. What do you do to help stop this? Your focus has to be on helping the young person develop a sense of self-worth while learning to communicate effectively. Effective and mature self-expression is a great stress control tool. Remember that it takes a lot of practice, especially if you are  … Read more