Benefits of quitting smoking: Even Temporarily Quitting Has Benefits.

Smoking and your work

If you enjoy your nicotine habit, there can be a resentment toward those who would “improve” your life without your consent. But there are still areas to consider regarding the inevitable; if your workplace has prohibited smoking, then a choice to continue in your job requires compliance.

So if nothing else, (assuming you haven’t quit your job,) having a job is a benefit that you have acknowledged. So if you have to cut back while you search for another job, good luck to you. Even if you don’t want to quit smoking, or temporarily quitting, knowledge of other ways to cope with stress can be of great value when you have to cut back.

Opening doors

It helps to know that the way that non-smoking mandates are handed down has a huge effect on the attitude toward quitting on the part of the smokers involved. A workplace which assumes that smokers are all inconsiderate people who don’t care about the health of others is not going to get the cooperation that they desire from their current employees.

It is far better to acknowledge that everyone is facing challenges in the modern workplace, and that second-hand smoke is a sensitive and complex issue. So be sure to compartmentalize your resentment toward management. Don’t allow them to categorize you as an unfeeling person; that is unfair to you and your co-workers as well.

Sort it out. It is part of the process of cutting back successfully, even if it is temporary. And the result of taking a new perspective on the issue will always offer a new vista on the horizon of your possibilities.

One of the benefits of quitting smoking is that you will be more productive at your workplace therefore engaging better with your team.

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