The world’s first truly integrated stop smoking program, developed in Australia in 2014.

From the Founders

About Us

“We love changing people’s lives and helping them quit smoking. We love that the program works so incredibly well & would love the opportunity to take this to the rest of the world. We feel very inspired to be in this business and are blessed to be hearing all these amazing stories from our customers.”

QSN Health was founded in Australia in 2014 by Malcolm Robertson & Nigel Houghton, together with Pharmacologists, Pharmacists and Change Behaviour & Addiction Experts. Together they have spent over 6 years researching and evolving this program that now has over 21,000 customers.

How are we Different?

We feel that amongst all the other products on the market, we are best equipped at solving the problem of nicotine addiction. After 5 years in the business that can now claim over 21,000 customers, we hear from our customers that their journey on QSN compared to other products is quite easy. As our product is part of our unique integrated smoking cessation program and the product itself doesn’t use nicotine to help you beat the habit, we also expect to see a higher success rate at long-term abstinence. Watch our video to hear about our success rate.